Sunday, April 21, 2013

BOOK REVIEW...Twisted (Dark Protectors, #5.5) by Rebecca Zanetti

Maggie is a wolf shifter who was captured and experimented on by the Kurjans. Now that a cure has finally been found for shifters (although not for vampire mates or witches), she can concentrate on creating a new life for herself and finally accepting that her memories are gone forever. Most memories, that is. Sometimes in the hazy world between dreams and dawn, she hears a Scottish voice, dark and deep, that sounds suspiciously like wolf-shifter Terrent Vilks. A man she happened to anger by kidnapping a few years back. Hey, it was for a good cause.

Terrent Vilks knows more than he’s let on for the past several years. After digging for answers, he knows exactly why the demons want Maggie dead. And he remembers his past with Maggie…very well. She is finally where he wants her. Now all he has to do is discover what exactly the Kurjans did to her, beat the demons into so much submission they leave her alone, and get her to fall in love with him. Again. Good thing he’s used to wrangling monsters.
Expected publication: June 20th 2013 by eKensington
Oohh! *Salivates over sexy cover* 

Normally I tend to write a blurb on the synopsis of the books that I read while incorporating what I think of it into the mist BUT IN THIS REVIEW I'm going to solely focus on my feelings towards this book.

I really tried to enjoy this read but I could not get myself to get into it. There's not much to really get into once you read it if you know what I mean.

The story is generic and boring and the characters are nothing new to me. Over all, it was a complete snooze and disappointment to me...

My Rating:

-Overall : 5
-Plot : 6
-Writing : 6
-Characters : 7
-Cover : 9

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