Tuesday, April 16, 2013

BOOK REVIEW...Insatiable - A Mermaid's Curse (A Mermaid's Curse #1) by Daniele Lanzarotta

Arianna always felt like she didn’t belong in the world where she was born. Ever since she was little, she used to hide behind the rocks in the sea, and watch the human family who spent their summers on that island. Over the years, there was nothing she wished more than to be like them, especially so she could get close to Blake, the human boy who she saw turn into a troubled teenager and then, an unhappy man.

Once her dad grew tired of her dreams and hopes for a reality that is not her own, Arianna is thrown into an arranged marriage, and her only way out of it is to make a deal with the power-hungry man who will give her everything that she has ever dreamed of. Dreams that turn into nightmares as she watches Blake’s world fall apart, because of her and Blake’s inability to control their desires for one another.
Published March 12th 2013

Arianna is a mermaid who has always felt out of place in her world.   She longs to walk among the human race and grow close to the human, Blake, she has watched every summer BUT sadly fate has its own plans for her.

Forced to marry one of her own kind, Arianna flees and stumbles upon a power driven man named Owen who has an agenda of his own.

Now caught in a forbidden case of love, Ariana must now face choice of choosing between what she wants and possibly losing everything she's ever known.

"Insatitable" is one of the best mermaid tales I have ever read.  Arianna's character is so pure and likable that you can't help but root for her.  Blake, on the other hand, annoyed me at first but I grew to love him as time went on.  And lastly, Owen.  Owen I misjudged at first as the "bad guy" but there's so much more him than just that.  At times I found myself favoring Owen over Blake but for those of you who haven't read "Insatiable" yet will have to pick up this book to see what happens.  And keep in mind that this is just the first in it's series.  We'll have to see how things pan out for the characters still in the follow up sequel[s]...

My Rating:

-Overall : 10
-Plot : 9
-Writing : 9
-Characters : 9
-Cover : 9

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