Thursday, April 18, 2013

BOOK REVIEW...[ARC] Midnight Secrets (Wildefire #1) by Ella Grace

For fans of Maya Banks, Allison Brennan, and Lori Foster, a thrilling new romantic suspense novel from Ella Grace  

On a hot southern night, with a storm on the horizon, a family is shattered. Three beautiful daughters—Savannah, Samantha, and Sabrina Wilde—go on with their lives, each significantly changed, as they bear the memory of the murder-suicide that killed their parents. For years, they have stayed away from Midnight, Alabama. Until Midnight calls them home.

Savannah is the first one back, when a grueling case in Nashville leads the young prosecutor to seek shelter in the quiet of the once grand Wilde mansion. But when she finds letters casting doubt on her family’s dark, shameful past, she realizes that peace in Midnight is a shallow façade and sinister secrets lurk beneath the surface. Zach Tanner, once the town’s bad boy, is now the new police chief and still has a wild hold over her. Zach can feel it, too, but he hurt Savannah once. As teenagers, they broke every rule together. Now it’s his job to keep her safe, even though he isn’t sure who her enemies are—or which ones might be his own.
Expected publication: April 30th 2013 by Ballantine Books
This book was amazing!! I was VERY impressed.

The first in its series, "Midnight Secrets" tells the story of Savannah Wilde. Savannah, one of triplet sisters, was always known as the shy and reserved one of the bunch.

When she's rescued by troubled and secret crush Zach Tanner, her life is immediately turned upside down. That is, figuratively, when he leaves town for the military and breaks her heart in the process.

Ten years later pass, and Savannah finds herself a prosecuting attorney in Nashville and returning home for the first time in years. Zach, who is now the town's Police chief, encounters Savannah and the fire they once had is once again ignited.

However of course, trouble lurks around as an old secret surrounding the deaths of Savannah's parents is brought forth to speculation and Savannah finds herself in the middle of an investigation that may cost her and those closest to her their lives...

My thoughts:

The beginning was a tad slow but as the story went on it definitely picked up to a nice and enjoyable pace.

I loved the relationship between Savannah and Zach. They both come from troubled pasts but I like how they mesh and fit together.

I also thought that the book's synopsis was also a bit misleading about Zach's character. It says that Zach was "once the town's bad boy" and he wasn't. When I think of "bad boys" I picture hot, cocky, playboys. 

Although it is implied that he may not have been a virgin when he had got together with Savannah [since she in fact was a virgin], he was not a playboy type of character. Zach is definitely an attractive guy but he just came from a troubled household where he was ridiculed as the town's son of Jezebel and had a nonexistent father. Nothing more than that. 

Those of you looking for a book to get you out a book slump PICK UP THIS BOOK!! It's soo worth it!!

And THANK YOU Random House Publishing Group/Ballantine Books via NetGallery for allowing me this ARC of this book for an honest review!!! I was definitely impressed. :)

My Rating:

-Overall : 9
-Plot : 8
-Writing : 8.5
-Characters : 8
-Cover : 9

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