Friday, April 26, 2013

BOOK REVIEW...Hell on Wheels: A Loveswept Classic Romance by Karen Leabo

Karen Leabo ratchets up the suspense with a sexy tale of two people chasing tornadoes—and flirting with danger.
Roan Cullen isn’t used to feeling out of his depth. As a photojournalist, Roan travels the planet in search of trouble and chaos—and captures it all through the lens of his camera. But the woman leading him on his first-ever tornado chase makes him crazy. She’s subtle, mysterious, drop-dead gorgeous, and always in control. If the conditions are right, Roan could end up with some incredible photos—and a newly broken heart.

Victoria Driscoll is used to the “boys’ club” that is storm chasing, but the man she’ll be sharing the Chasemobile with for two solid weeks is unlike any of her meteorological colleagues—for a start, he’s far more handsome. But Roan Cullen is a brash risk taker, the exact opposite of Victoria with her precise measurements and forecasts. As tornado season ramps into high gear, the elements are all in place for a massive twister—and an electric, shocking connection between these two chasers.

Includes a special message from the editor, as well as excerpts from these Loveswept titles: Along Came Trouble, The Notorious Lady Anne, and Unforgettable.
Published April 8th 2013 by Loveswept (first published March 1st 1996)
"Hell On Wheels" is a fast and easy read that didn't have my stomach all in knots from unnecessary tension.

I didn't like the female protagonist, Victoria, in the beginning but I did end up warming up to her in the end.

As for the male lead, Roan, I absolutely liked his character and sympathized with him at times.

Other than tornado chasing, if you're looking for a book that is action packed like how the title suggests then you are mistaken with this one so go in at your own risk of being unsatisfied. Otherwise, "Hell On Heels" is a great read! 

My Rating:

-Overall : 9
-Plot : 8
-Writing : 8.5
-Characters : 8
-Cover : 9

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