Review Policy

To Authors/Publishers/Publicists:  Kawehi's Book Blog primarily focuses on books geared toward: New adult, Contemporary, Paranormal, and Erotic Romances.

Please beware that by sending me your book for review does not guarantee that I will:
-Read it
-Review it
-Or guarantee any positive reviews.
--If you want me to read your book then allow me the freedom to post what I REALLY feel about your book and give an honest opinion.

*All books reviewed are either bought by myself or given to me by the author, publisher, or publicist of the book.

*Any book given to me will not be given or disclosed to any other persons without legal consent or permission by the author/publisher/publicist.

Review Format:
In my review posts I will feature the name and author of the book, the cover photo of the book and the books synopsis and publishing date.  Below that will feature my actual review of the book and its rating, and also photos if I should wish to post so of the people I think that best represents the character in the story.

Rating System:
I will use a simple rating system to judge these aspects of the book that comprises of one through five hearts with five (♥♥♥♥♥) being the highest rating and 0 (♡) being the lowest..


Newly implemented! As of 7/26/13

I have now included venues from where you may buy the ebooks that I review.  I neglected to include that in the past and am now currently including that aspect in my posts.  Now I need to backtrack and update all of my past posts!! LoL.


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