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Review- The Way To Never (The Never Trilogy #2) by O.E. Boroni

Title:  The Way To Never (The Never Trilogy, #2)  
Author:  O.E. Boroni
Publication Date: July 25th 2015 by Waves Corporation
Plot:   When falling out of love, refuses to become an option… 

Nathan Roque first met Lenora Baker, a beautiful, exasperating, and bitter girl when she was just fifteen years old. He fell so deeply in love with her that he suspected that in his lifetime, nothing else could ever mirror the kind of commitment that she drew out of him. But she is left heartbroken when an unfortunate incident drives them apart. 

Thirteen years later, he sets out to reach out to her when he can no longer resist the consuming thoughts of her that have haunted him for so long. However, the same demons that caused him to let go of her in the first place are still holding him back. But when he is thrust into a situation where he has no choice but to become professionally involved with her, a Pandora’s Box of angst, resentment, and passion is unleashed. 

Now they are forced to make the decision on how to proceed. But will it justify the one that they made in the past, or will it mock it? 

 My Review 

☆ I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Thank you! ☆

Bejesus, 13 year time period?!! When I first started it, I was like holy camoley, you have got to be kidding me?! Over a decade of no contact, separation?!

And why yes, I am using a lot of “?!” because I was so taken aback. I figred there was going to be a time lapse, but not for this long a period.

The Way to Never was one read where I had a lot of doubt going into because it just had a totally different feeling going from the first book.

While both Nora and Nathan have grown up, matured, and established their own lives—their personalities have changed dramatically.

The Beginning of Never was our fire starter of this series. And now TWTN is where the flames have fanned; with the former lovers picking up the pieces, rediscovering themselves, and each other.

An all around, great novel of a love never forgotten, but, in serious need of repair and finding a way back to what it once was.

My Rating:
 About the Author 


I currently live in England. My days are spent in the Project Management field while my nights are spent with books. I'm either reading them or writing the ones that I want to read. My favorite things and in this particular order are books, Korean dramas, ice cream, and people who smile through everything. I consistently tell people that these are the four things they need to be happy but do they believe me? 

No! Well I believe me, and you should too. 

I absolutely love hearing from my readers so feel free to leave me a message at any time. I also love giving away the books that I write so follow my Facebook page (
) so that you don't miss out on all the deliciousness. 

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ARC Review- Ending a Torn Past (Journey, #2) by Melissa L. Delgado

Mark those calendars, ladies!!
Jax is coming to you this August 3rd!!
Title:  Ending a Torn Past (Journey, #2)  
Author:  Melissa L. Delgado
Publication Date: August 3rd 2015

Plot:  A present life worth moving on for. A past best left to memories tucked away.

Jaxon Dean has reached a point in his life where everything is as it should be. He has the personality, the looks, and the charm, to basically get whoever he desires—except Cassandra Tyce. She's immune to his playboy ways, quick wit, and over indulgence of himself. There is only one time he can recall having to work as hard to snag the one he had his sights set on…

At a much simpler time in life, all he had to worry about was passing classes, hitching a ride to places, and collecting phone numbers. Although on his first day of high school, Jaxon found not every girl was susceptible to his charms. Could one person truly change his overzealous ways? 

An unexpected turn of events can leave even the toughest ones lost without hope... Hope of ever recovering, of ever wanting to see tomorrow, of ever feeling true happiness again.

With the help of Cassandra Tyce, Jaxon will learn that sometimes, lying to oneself can be the sole reason a person stays torn.

*This book contains adult situations and some explicit language.*

 My Review 

☆ I received an ARC via the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you! ☆

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“I always knew, no matter what, she’d be mine. We thought we had forever, time was of no importance. No one could predict, no one could make sense.”

Jaxon, Jaxon, Jaxon. I always knew that there was always something hidden beneath your snarky, playboy, tatted up, and carefree exterior, but when I got to see underneath I was astounded and heartbroken for you. To have everything you could want in the world and have it all taken away in a blink.

Aaron Diaz zps6800bcfb

Those of you who have or maybe not read bk1 of this series, Jaxon “Jax” Dean is the younger brother of Drew and Kennie’s best guy friend from childhood.

He’s the life of the party, the ladies man, and not one to want to settle down with any woman. Only meaningless, no strings attached sex for him please.

That is, until he meets Cassandra “Cass”/”Blondie” Tyce~

Actress model blonde beauty female celebrities 1

One of Kennie’s two girl besties. Cass is the opposite and quite different from any female he’s ever encountered since ‘her.’

Cass is hardworking, confident, and quick to call out Jax on his BS and shoot him down on his advances as she sees fit.

She and Jax indulge on a frivolous relationship, one filled with no commitments or expectations, and soon both find themselves bargaining much deeper than both could ever have had imagined.

I really loved both Jax and Cass, along with, the rest of the “Journey” crew. Their love story isn’t an easy one, as Cass still battles pangs of her foster home upbringing and Jax is merely a broken shell of a man he once was.

A lot of this book focused on coming to terms, letting go, opening yourself up to people…your own self…to love. And moving on past it to embrace a brighter future.

Jax and Cass were lovable characters, both with hearts of gold and so much to give to others. Cass was a definite winning female heroine, as her persistence, resilience, tenacity, and unfailing attitude really won me over. Her staying over at Jax’s place for 6 days on his couch with him giving her sh*#, and constantly fighting for him, showed true love, dedication, and a lot about her character.

And Jax, as much as I wanted to slap some sense into him at times for his harsh and ill-mannered treatment to Cass, I totally felt his plight and conflicted feelings for her. It was bound to happen and wasn’t something to easily get over or succumb to.

However, nonetheless, I loved LOVED (and even laughed at) his witty, self assured quirks and “reasons” for why Cass (in his mind) undoubtedly loves him. Haha!!

He’s so conceited and yet hilarious!! Lol.

And yet, the poetic passages and song lyrics he writes, is so deep, so touching and beautiful.

A very dynamic and complicated character, that one.

Definitely, a MUST READ!! Author Melissa L. Delgado has outdone herself in this gorgeously written second installment of the "Journey" series that will tug at your heartstrings and never let it go!!

I REALLY hope for Ade and Kip’s story to be up next!! And appearances from the rest of the cast + Stiles and Holland!!

“Do you think we’ll be forever?”

“If I have my way? Absolutely.”

My Rating:
 About the Author 


"Be Inspired. Be Beautiful. Be YOU." - MLD ....My life motto.

Formally known on Goodreads as: "Profesora Emerson~Mel~" ( I DO miss the name btw ;) )

I love anything and everything pertaining to make up or beauty. I love to write and shop. I love going to the movies and spending time with my friends and family.I love to dance. I love to laugh and to make others laugh. I'm inspired by dance, music, poetry, and photography. I feel there is beauty in everything. I believe to get respect you have to give respect and to treat others how you want to be treated. I love everything and anything vintage. I love Jesus and believe in having faith in the unseen and unheard. I love to have fun and make new memories. But mostly, I love life. Enjoying the road I'm on and making the most of it :)

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NEW Cover Reveal, Bonus Scene + Giveaway!- STEEL and LACE: The Complete Series (Lace #1 – 4) by Adriane Leigh

steel banner

Title: STEEL and LACE: The Complete Series (Lace #1 – 4)
Author: Adriane Leigh
Publication Date: March 25, 2013
From the moment their eyes locked across a crowded room, he recognized something in her that he needed. Something that was impossible to resist... Enigmatic and sexy, Carter Morgan is a wealthy CEO and playboy who keeps a model on his arm and the walls around his heart high. His dangerous good looks and seductive charm gets him whatever he wants— whenever he wants it. That is until he meets Eva. When smart and spirited fashion editor Evangeline Austin encounters Carter Morgan, sparks fly and worlds collide. Her every instinct tells her to run, yet she can't deny the overwhelming effect he has on her. They embark on a passionate affair that threatens to consume them. They try to defy the odds by making their own rules and surrendering completely to the exquisite power of their passion but when unforeseen forces threaten to tear them apart, Carter and Eva must decide if the moments of exquisite perfection are worth the intense pain. The bestselling erotic romance series from Adriane Leigh is now available in one volume.  

 Bonus Scene 
Carter POV - Chapter One - Steel and Lace #1
Nikki had been hounding me about this opening for weeks. I knew I couldn’t keep it from her, we'd been fucking for months and as much as I tried to keep her out of my business life, she always managed to weasel her way in. It didn't matter, showing up with someone was good in a social situation; and Nikki wasn't a bad date to have. The press made more of an effort to turn up at these events if they thought the beautiful and bitchy supermodel Nikki Vilanova would be on my arm. She was always good for a little drama in the tabloids; not that I liked the drama but I could appreciate the role the press played in my line of work. They'd been following our relationship for a while, if you could even call it that. When she was in town we spent time together, we were never anything more or less. I walked the line with keeping her at a comfortable distance and keeping her happy because she was a great fuck. That had been established the first night we were together.; she was wild and uninhibited and never wore out her welcome. She didn't require any post-coital cuddling-- just the way I preferred it. I had a bedroom attached to my office for late nights that had the added benefit of serving as a fuck pad. She'd asked once or twice for me to take her home, but I'd been able to put her off easily. The truth was, I wasn’t comfortable bringing anyone home. I was wary of who I could trust and wasn't comfortable inviting them into my house and my life any more than I had to.
Nikki and I had shown up just a few minutes before to the opening of a new boutique on Newbury and it wasn't long before I was bored out of my skull. Nikki giggled and kept a predatory hand on my forearm as we sipped champagne. My eyes scanned the room for faces I knew and wanted to avoid, and for those that I would need to mingle with tonight. Madeleine would have been my first choice for a date, she was great with these things; she had the ability to direct conversation and knew intuitively when I wasn't interested in talking to someone. Nikki on the other hand was interested in talking to everyone; she liked to keep as many connections in her back pocket as possible, never knowing when they would come in handy later. I guess at the end of the day I was just another connection for her, albeit one that she fucked when it was convenient.
I tightened my jaw when Nikki’s fingertips trailed up my forearm suggestively. I ignored her intimate gesture and brought the champagne flute to my lips before my gaze settled on a pair of dark green eyes that were focused on mine. Striking, soft, gentle green eyes. My heart rate accelerated and the conversation around me seemed to fall away. The world halted as my eyes focused on the dark-haired beauty staring back at me.
My gaze dropped to the chestnut tendrils framing her beautiful, heart-shaped face. Her full lips were curved in a soft frown as she looked at me. What could she be thinking that would have her frowning at me? Perhaps my reputation had preceded me, it wouldn't be the first time.
But this girl-- I knew I had to meet her, to talk to her, to hear her voice; those lush lips curving around sensual words. I envisioned soft lips locked on my ear lobe, whispering breathless moans along the skin of my neck, hearing her call my name as I sank into her.
Fuck me, this girl is affecting me.
But I knew I was affecting her too. I could see it. She couldn't break our intense stare down any easier than I could.
Finally the world started to spin again and I arched my eyebrow at her, a silent acknowledgment of the moment that had flared between us. I watched her take a quick breath, her full breasts perfectly outlined in her fitted white dress. Fuck, I wanted to feel them in my hands, suck on them, tease them until her nipples hardened. What color would they be when I coaxed her body into arousal? The same shade as her dark, rosy lips?
Her eyes widened for a moment and then she turned back to her friend and tried to pretend that I hadn't just swept the air from her lungs.
I had to meet her.
I waited until the party cleared out later that night and Nikki was tied up with someone else. I didn’t know with who and I didn't care, I was just glad to have her off my back so I could seek out the brunette beauty that I'd been consumed with all night. She'd never been far from my sight. I'd followed her with my eyes, insuring she didn't leave and watching her mingle. In my perusal, I'd noticed every single server pass her flirty glances as they gave her champagne. Jealously poured through my body when she smiled sweetly back at them. I'd have to call the company that provided the waitstaff and make it known in no uncertain terms that if the servers couldn't refrain from flirting with the guests, they would no longer be getting my business.
I watched as she spoke to her friend, a smile spreading across her face, her eyes crinkling in the most captivating way. My heart skipped a beat every time she laughed because her entire face lit up and her green eyes danced. I swear that smile had every guy in the room falling at her feet, but I knew intuitively they weren't her type; they couldn't make a girl like that happy. And even if I wasn't her type, I'd make it my mission in life to be. 
Fuck if I can't keep my eyes off her, I'm ruined.
"Great view." I breathed in her ear as she stood at the windows looking out over Boston Harbor. I wouldn’t know if the view was great or not, all I could think about was running my hands through her hair. Twisting my fingers in it, feeling the silky strands caress my skin. Fuck, my dick's getting hard just thinking about her hair.
What the fuck is wrong with me?
She spun around and a spray of champagne landed on my herringbone suit. Her burning green eyes traveled up my body. I held my breath as she took me in.
"Oh my God, I am so sorry," she finally spoke before setting her glass down on a nearby table and digging through the tiny purse she was carrying. My eyes flicked from her flushed face to the liquid dampening the arm of my suit. I frowned for a moment and wondered how I could work with this situation. The thought crossed my mind that I could coerce her into a date in return for spilling on my suit. A smirk played across my lips at the thought.
"It's alright." I placed a hand on her arm and fire sparked in my system. Her soft skin beneath mine had the blood pumping through my veins at a punishing pace. She took my fucking breath away and I hadn’t even gotten her dress off yet.
"I'm sorry, I'll pay to have it cleaned. If you send the bill to me. Here…" She said before she was off digging in her bag again. Fuck that bag. Look at me.
"I've got it. Really," I said as I squeezed her arm reassuringly. My eyes couldn't help but trail down her curvy body; past her defined waist, her lush hips that I couldn't stop thinking about digging my fingers into. I imagined those shapely legs wrapped around my hips as I plowed into her soft body. Fuck, my dick grew impossibly harder as my brain shut down.
"Carter Morgan." I held my hand out to her.
"Evangeline Austin," she replied as she placed her small hand in mine. I was lost in the swirling green depths of her eyes as we gazed at each other. The world fell away and all that existed in that moment was her hand in mine.
"Hey Eva, are you ready? Everyone who's anyone has come and gone." I heard a voice burst our perfect, hypnotic bubble. I didn't care. I was choosing to block everyone else out. Nothing mattered more in that moment than the beautiful, green-eyed angel whose hand was locked in mine. "Uh… hi, I'm Cate Evans." The voice at my shoulder intruded on the moment I thought I was having with this girl-- Evangeline, Eva. I glanced to see the friend she'd been with all night. Short, blonde, bubbly Cate Evans; my mind registered the name and filed it away for later.
I only nodded at her and then my eyes searched out Evangeline's again. I couldn't stay away from her for long. I knew nothing about her and yet I was sure of that. I was consumed with the beautiful, flustered, carefree Evangeline Austin.
"Well Evangeline, despite the fact that you may have ruined my favorite suit, I hope to see you again." Fuck if that didn't come out wrong. Here I'd met a beautiful, dark-haired angel and I may have fucked it all up before it'd even begun. I flashed her the confident smirk that generally gets me out of trouble in any given situation and hoped I could rectify the bad impression I'm sure I made on her.
"Ms. Evans." I addressed her friend before giving Evangeline one last lingering glance. Then I dropped her hand and turned to walk out. I scanned the room for Nikki and saw her drinking with a large group by the bar. Nikki was a party girl in the truest form and tonight wouldn’t be the first time I'd ducked out before midnight while she stayed out 'til dawn.
I pulled my phone out of my pocket as soon as I hit the pavement and found Parker waiting along the curb.
"Mr. Morgan." Parker nodded as I slid into the backseat.
"Evening, Parker." I mumbled as I scrolled through the list of contacts on my phone before I found the number I was looking for and hit send.
"Johnson? Find me everything you can on Evangeline Austin and Cate Evans in Boston. May be connected to the fashion industry. It's time sensitive. Thanks." I hung up as Parker pulled into the traffic of the Boston night.

Evangeline. She was an angel after all. 

 About the Author 


USA Today Bestselling Author Adriane Leigh was born and raised in a snowbank in Michigan's Upper Peninsula and now lives amongst the sand dunes of the Lake Michigan lakeshore. She graduated with a Literature degree but never particularly enjoyed reading Shakespeare or Chaucer. Adriane is married to a tall, dark and handsome guy, plays mama to two sweet baby girls, and is a voracious reader and knitter.  

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Book Blitz & Review- Palace Secrets by Ravyn Rayne

Palace secrets BB banner
Title:  Palace Secrets  
Author:  Ravyn Rayne
Genre: Historical Romantic Erotica
Publication Date:  June 5th, 2015 by Blushing Books

Plot:  Love comes in many forms and always at a price.

At twenty-three, Princess Isabella must settle down for the sake of her kingdom. Caught up in a secret affair with her lady-in-waiting, Hannah, the princess knows it can only last for so long.

When Prince Alexander arrives to court her, he confides that his father is on his death bed, and he will be crowned king soon. Isabella hastily agrees to the proposal, desiring to be queen, knowing little about her soon to be husband.

Murder, secrets, and lies combine with menage, spanking, and erotic encounters in this steamy medieval romance.

 My Review 

☆ I received an RC via StarAngels Reviews & Promo Stars Services in exchange for an honest review. Thank you! ☆

What happens behind palace doors, doesn't always stay a secret...

A fast moving romance, Palace Secrets follows a forbidden romance between Princess Isabella and her lady-in-waiting, Hannah. As two women in love can hold no future, let alone one with no royal blood, their only time to really be together is behind palace wall, hidden away in Isabella's chambers.


But with Isabella of age to take on a husband, she is courted by a prince looking for a wife to ensure the safety of his kingdom.

And with deadly dalliances in the picture looking to take out the crown, who can Isabella truly trust? And with hearts on the line, will one heart? Two hearts? OR three hearts be broken in the end?

Will Isabella's and Hannah's love prevail, despite growing affections for her own husband?-- who, awfully looks like a person of suspicious character himself?

Read and you will find out!

palace secrets teaser

An over all, steamy medieval romance", as the author would describe it, but with a kick of heated eroticism.

My Rating:

"Make a sound and you'll get another spanking," Alexander says. His tone is firm but light. Unlike the last time, he doesn't sound angry or disappointed with me. Is this how our lovemaking will be? 

I'm both aroused and craving more of Alexander's affection. I bury my face into the pillow, trying my best not to make any noise. I moan quietly as his lashings grow harder, burning against my skin, making me wet. I'm glad Alexander's attention is on me. There's something about his power and control that fires me up inside. Is he doing this to teach me a lesson for being naughty or to arouse me?

"No, Hannah." Alexander's answer is both quick and abrupt. "I'm the only one in charge.

Maybe I should spank you both regularly for sneaking around the castle, behind my back. Would that make sure it doesn't happen again?" Alexander lets his hand land hard on my bottom. The sting grows fierce and I whimper in protest. When will his spankings turn to sex? He offered it to me the last time and I rejected him. It had been the only amount of control that I'd been given. Tonight, I would give him everything, and if he asked me to beg, I would.
 About the Author 


Ravyn is a sassy, fun-loving, and adventure-seeking young woman. She loves to travel and can’t wait for her next vacation, wherever it might be.
Ravyn writes romantic erotica. She began writing romance novels in college, spending her down time either reading a book or writing fiction. Please don’t make her choose between the two, she loves them equally.
She has been published professionally since 2013. Prefer less steamy novels? Try her out here.

Author's Links:
Website  | Goodreads | Facebook | Twitter 

 An Interview with Ravyn! 

What inspired you to write a historical romance?

This is actually my second time writing a historical piece. My first was a young adult series under the name Ruth Silver. It includes Dead Girl Walking and Forget Me Knot (available June 23rd). Both of those are part of the Royal Reaper saga. Those novels took place in the 14th century and with all the research I had previously done on the Black Plague, the clothing, language, and world building, I thought it would be fun to write another story that focused more on the royal side of things, with mischief, murder, and mayhem mixed in.

What time period does Palace Secrets take place?

Palace Secrets takes place in the late 14th century.

How many books are planned for the Palace Secrets series?

Two stories are already written and I’m currently working on the third book, which is still untitled. The second book is Maiden Claimed due for release in early August. Each book can be read as a standalone novel, as they’re written from a different character’s point of view.

Can you give us a hint as to the second book and who’s point of view we might see?

Hannah gets to tell her story. It follows after the events of Palace Secrets, so there’s no retelling of the same story. It’s an entirely new adventure with a character you will hopefully come to know and love.

- See more at:

 Other Works by Ravyn! 


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