Friday, April 19, 2013

BOOK REVIEW...[ARC] Obsession (Knight of Fire # 1) by Florencia Bonelli

"He is a warlord. Ella, a fighter for peace." Eliah Al-Saud is an eccentric and powerful man, related to the ruling family of Saudi Arabia. He lives in Paris and runs a security company that actually hides advocacy and intelligence offered to the highest bidder. Matilde Martinez Argentina is a young pediatrician who dreams of healing the most disadvantaged children and working for an NGO in Africa. Fate get in the way of Eliah, and will be in Paris where the attraction will unite inspired. However, both jealously guarded secrets that will threaten not only their love but their lives. Under the ever-present Israeli-Palestinian conflict with a nuclear threat as a backdrop, Matilde and Eliah live an adventure that will take you to travel the world and face the dangers that await those who dare to challenge the empires dominant. The anticipated new novel by Florence Bonelli, the most ambitious and brilliant of all his production.
Expected publication: July 23rd 2013 by AmazonCrossing (first published March 28th 2011)
To be honest, this book was a bit boring. 
The main characters meet on a flight to Paris and its automatic sparks for them…. Well, more so on Eliah’s part since he mercilessly ppursues Matilde until she finally agrees to go out with him...Hah.. 

So their backgrounds: Eliah Al-Saud, is a business mogul who comes from a rich and powerful family. And oh, he just so happens to be of royal lineage too.

Matilde, on the other hand, comes from a humble background and is a young doctor dreaming of helping those in need in Africa.

So the story in a jiffy: Eliah and Matilde embark on a tumultuous courtship where power, secrets, and deadly enemies come into play and threaten to tear them apart and their lives.Sounds generic eh?

My thoughts:
Basically throughout the story there was A LOT going on at once. Most of the story there was a lot of politics and power talk that made me often skim over.

Eliah's character seemed like a lot of rich moguls I read about: arrogant, aggressive, and possessive. He's also quite obsessed with Matilde which is ridiculous at times since I don't seem to feel what connection grounds them together other than their serious attraction for one another. 

And Matilde. Matilde is an angel. There is no bad qualities about her that I could pick up on other than she's quite frail due to health issues. Matilde is beautiful [even though she often gets downplayed as being much younger than she really is], petite, but also has a heart of gold.

I literally felt through their relationship that Eliah was the Big Bad Wolf hunting poor little miss Red Riding Hood since literally that's how Eliah's demeanor was towards Matilde. He smothered Matilde which really bothered me at times since he was really territorial and overbearing of her. 

Spoiler and rant alert continued:
AND LASTLY, how can you even consider dating and sleeping with a girl when you were previously sleeping with her sister as your on again-off again sleeping buddy in the past!! Gross!! Then again, Matilde didn't know it at the time since Eliah and Celine's [Matilde's sis] "relationship" was kept hush hush.

My Rating:

-Overall : 6
-Plot : 7
-Writing : 8.5
-Characters : 6
-Cover : 6

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