Thursday, April 18, 2013

BOOK REVIEW...Legally Addicted by Lena Dowling

A fast-moving, high stakes battle-of-the-sexes story with a Hepburn/Tracey flavor (and a hot one-night stand!).

Georgia Murray’s one-night-stand with fellow Sydney lawyer and billionaire property magnate Brad Spencer was supposed to be just that – one-off, fun. Case closed.

But Brad knows something Georgia doesn’t: their lives are about to become entwined in an unavoidable way. The tension smoulders towards ignition point, and Georgia is terrified to find herself contemplating more from Brad, even the possibility of love – a concept with the power to frighten her more than anything else in this world.
Expected publication: May 1st 2013 by Escape Publishing - Halequin Enterprises Australia
Eh, this book was completely boring to me.

Although I understand her issues and what motivates her to be so driven, the character of Georgia irritated me. She was such a coward and kept running away from Brad even though he was clearly trying to make things work between them. She was like a doormat at times and let people walk all over her!! 

I was happy in the end when she did sort of grow a backbone and some "balls" if you will but already by then I was far gone on her character.

Brad, on the other hand, I liked. He was born rich but he still worked his butt off to get to where he is today. Georgia was highly judgmental of him because he came from money and would often make assumptions about him and let her prejudice over rich people delude her judgement over things. This made me in turn wonder why Brad put up with Georgia and more less fall in love with her in the first place. I would be like, "this chick isn't worth it" but that's just me.

AND lastly, how can you MARRY someone who has a hard time saying the "four" letter word? That's just messed up! *sigh, my ranting is finished.*

My Rating:

-Overall : 6
-Plot : 7
-Writing : 8
-Characters : 7
-Cover : 7

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