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eARC BOOK REVIEW...Spurs & Stilettos by Ashley Johnson

Title:  Spurs & Stilettos
Author:  Ashley Johnson
Publication Date: December 10th 2013
Goodreads URL: HERE
Plot:  Hope Trahan has everything she wants and everyone she needs…except her sister and someone who really is deserving of her. Who knew two separate events would turn everything completely upside down? When her best friend drags her down to the rodeo to help clear her head the last thing she expects is to meet a sexy, sweet talking cowboy. That’s not what she came for but fate had other things in mind.

Wesley Tyler owns two national titles and is riding his way to the next. The day he meets Hope, he knows there’s no going back. He soon learns Hope carries ghosts with her she can’t quite shake. She holds things she wishes she could let go of. Wesley just may hold the key to helping her overcome it all. Can he win her over and help mend her broken walls or will her past hold her down?


“Spurs & Stilettos” was a fast and cute read that had its ups and downs for me.


I loved how even after the death of her sister and finding out that her fiancée is a cheating scum, Hope is still able to move on and cover ground she had sworn to never touch again: the rodeo.


While being dragged by her bestie, Amber, to a rodeo circuit, she meets Wesley and sparks fly immediately. Heh?

Hope and Wesley go through a lot of trysts stemming from insecurities (well, from Hope) and miscommunication. Some of it I felt were overdramatized and some of it was downright annoying and selfish at times.

I can see why Hope is a little paranoid since her first love/fiancee had cheated on her in their own bed. But, nonetheless, sometimes her fits and reactions made me want to slap her.


As for Wesley, he was sweet, charming, and put up with Hope but he lacked personality and a backbone. Sometimes I thought he was too nice to her and needed to call Hope on her sh3t instead of letting her work herself up and run away. There was though one specific time that he did and I’m glad that he did since Hope deserved that brush off.

I guess what the negatives came down to were that Hope got on my nerves a lot, Wesley lacked character, it was super sappy at times; AND, their romance developed way too fast!! They hardly even knew each other really and they ended up falling head over heels for one another. I get the attraction and yes sometimes you just feel drawn to a person but I think ethically it unfolded at an improbable rate.


I’m not at all saying that this is a bad read because it's not. In my own way, flaws and all, I did happen to in fact like it over all.


I just, in a sense, wanted more depth to the story line. I do get that Hope is dealing with a terrible loss and a painful heartbreak but that was the extent of it all really.

Anyway, for all of you lovesick and cheesy cowboy lovers who love radio with a cheesy romance this is for you! Enjoy!

*P.S. : Please keep in mind that I am but one reviewer and one voice. I still would recommend it to you readers but for me personally it was so-so. Thanks though to the author in sending me a free complimentary ARC of “Spurs & Stilettos!  I REALLY APPRECIATE IT!!*

My Rating:

-Overall : 7.5-8
-Plot : 7.5
-Writing : 7.5
-Characters : 7.5
-Cover : 8.5-9

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