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Blog Tour Stop!- Torn from You (Tear Asunder #1) by Nashoda Rose

Title:  Torn from You (Tear Asunder #1)
Author:  Nashoda Rose
Publication Date: December 20th 2013
Goodreads URL: HERE
Plot:  Love is like an avalanche. It hits hard, fast and without mercy.

At least it did for me when Sculpt, the lead singer of the rock band Tear Asunder knocked me off my feet. Literally, because he’s also a fighter, illegally of course, and he taught me how to fight. He also taught me how to love and I fell hard for him. I mean the guy could do sweet, when he wasn't doing bossy, and I like sweet.

Then it all shattered.

I was alone and fighting to survive.
When I heard Sculpt's voice, I thought he was there to save me.

I was wrong.

(It is recommended to read "With You" the novella first, however not necessary).

*Warning: This book contains some disturbing situations, strong language and sexual content. Over 18 years.

This is a love story with some dark elements. Dark contemporary romance. No cliffhanger and next in the Tear Asunder series is Ream's story (the band's lead guitarist).



Okay, Torn From You was quite the little hell raiser wasn’t it? It takes place after With You when Emily is kidnapped. She is then beaten, starved, and left fighting to survive.

You would think for her to hear Sculpt’s voice while being held captive would be some kind of beckon of light but… BOY, IS SHE WRONG!! Sculpt actually has a hand in this plot!! So tragic and devastating!!


I think that in With You Nashoda shows us the sweet and charming side of Sculpt and in here it’s the complete opposite: dark, brooding, and angered.

I truly felt for Emily as her thoughts and emotions are now all over the place and she no longer knows what to think or believe anymore. She feels utterly betrayed, lied to, and heartbroken. This is not the Sculpt she had fallen in love with. This is someone else. But, as much as she tries to make sense of things though she cannot bring herself to hate Sculpt. She just can't. A part of her still is irrevocably in love with him. *sigh*

Two years go by, and Emily finds herself still trying to piece her life back together. But it’s kind of hard when the guy who screwed you over comes waltzing back into your life asking to explain himself and for a second chance back at your love.

Can Emily move on and forgive Sculpt? Why would possess Sculpt even do such a thing? And can Sculpt find the redemption he most craves to win back his girl or will his inner demons tear them apart?

A dark, twisted, and sensual romance filled with twists and turns!

My Rating:

-Overall : 9
-Plot : 8.5-9
-Writing : 9
-Characters : 9
-Cover : 8.5

I punched the door over and over again until my throat was raw from screaming. When my fists were too sore to hit the wood any longer, I slapped the door with the palms of my hands.

“Please,” I sobbed. “Please let me out of here.”

I fell to my knees, uncontrollable cries racking my body, my hands up against the door, my cheek pressed to it. Fear coursed through my insides, tearing apart my sanity with each breath.

I had no idea how long I stayed curled in a ball on the landing, but it must have been hours as the sun’s rays finally peeked through the window. My throat was so dry that it was as if I’d been sucking on sandpaper all night. My lips stuck together, and when I separated them it tore a thin layer of skin off my bottom lip.

All I wanted was Logan. I needed him to hold me, tell me everything was going to be alright. But hour after hour passed, and he never came. No one did.

I ended up having to pee in the corner of the room, and I never felt so dirty in my life. I felt like an animal, and I sobbed as I did it. It was humiliating, and it made me go crazy again, and I screamed and yanked, pulled, and kicked the door.


Was I going to starve to death? Die forgotten, never to be found?

My fingernails scrapped at the wooden door until splinters stuck in my nail beds. But nothing compared to the torture of the thirst. My mouth tasted like dried vomit, and even trying to swallow was painful.

After hours of scraping at the door I curled into a ball, my fingertips pushed under the thin space beneath the door. The word terrified took on a whole new meaning as I lay there in a whimpering mess. My mind was poisoned with the possibilities of what was going to happen to me. I’d watched Criminal Minds; I knew what people were capable of. But I think what was worse than anything was the fear of the unknown. My kidnapper’s silence was eating away at my sanity as I lay quivering at the top of the stairs.

I don’t know how long it was before the doorknob turned. Maybe a day, could’ve been two. All I saw was the sun rise and fall, but when I fell asleep I was never sure how long I’d been unconscious.

The door opened, and a large shadow cast over me.

I scrambled out of his arms so fast that I fell off the bed. When I came to my feet Logan was lying on his back an arm casually laid over his abdomen. He turned slightly to look at me, and I felt the coldness in his gaze trickle over me.

“Go shower, Emily.” He nodded to the right where I saw a door.

I didn’t think twice about following his orders as I ran to the refuge of the bathroom, but before I could shut the door he said, “Leave it open.”

My hand dropped from the door handle even though all I wanted to do was slam it shut and lock it; of course there was no lock to keep him out. Regardless, a deadbolt wouldn’t keep Logan out. I suspected nothing would.

In a way, that was partly why I fell for him. He was determined and focused.

Unfathomable. He was confident with no fear. A steady resolve as if nothing could break him. It was a scary hot, and it made me feel protected. Now . . . it scared me. Because now I didn’t trust him.

I started to undo the buttons of my white nightgown he’d given me to wear, and when I looked in the mirror I gasped. He could see me. From the bed he watched me in the mirror undressing. His hands were locked behind his head, and his face was unreadable as he stared.

My fingers fumbled on the buttons, and it took me several tries to get the last one undone. I closed my eyes as I slid the silk material off my shoulders and let it drop to the floor. I wasn’t going to look at him, I tried to stop myself, but I opened my eyes and froze.

Heat. Blazing desire in the dark depths of his eyes. He looked me up and down slowly, casually as if he had all the time in the world . . . And he did. He controlled everything about me now.

Music is the perfect way to drive my emotions into what a particular character is feeling. It is rare I’ll write without music on in the background and so my playlists are enormous. These are so of my favorites I listened to while writing “Torn from You”.

"Goodbye (feat Islove)" Glenn Morrison

"In My Veins (feat Erin McCarley)" Andrew Belle

"Anything" Hedley
"I Want You" Andrew Allen
"Wake Me Up" Avicii
"This Is What It Feels Like" Armin van Buuren
"Skinny Love" Birdy
"Desperate Measures" Marianas Trench"
"By Now" Marianas Trench
"Overjoyed" Machbox Twenty
"Alive" Krewella"
"Can't Breathe" Fefe Dobson
"Cross my Heart" Marianas Trench
"Stutter" Marianas Trench
"Stay" Rihanna
"Viva La Vida" Coldplay
"I'd Come For You" Nickelback
"Family" Noah Gundersen
"Lego house" Ed Sheeran
"Cut" Plumb
"Walk Away" Ben Harper
"Ever After" Marianas Trench
"Into your Arms" The Maine
"Invisible" Skylar Grey
"Miserable at Best" Mayday Parade
"Cruise" Florida Georgia Line"
"All of Nothing" Theory of a Deadman

Nashoda Rose lives in Toronto with her assortment of pets. She writes contemporary (NA) romance with a splash of darkness, or maybe it’s a tidal wave. Her novel “Torn from You” is the first in the Tear Asunder series. When she isn’t writing, she can be found sitting in a field reading with her dog at her side while her horses graze nearby. She loves interacting with her readers on Facebook and chatting about her addiction—books.

1. On Valentine’s Day when I was fourteen my dad was taking me out for dinner and instead drove up the driveway of a horse farm. There in the field was a big chestnut horse with a pink bow around his neck. It said, ‘To my daughter on Valentine’s Day Love Dad.’ I had my horse Sunny for twenty years.
2. I was eating chicken wings one day and suddenly I stopped, put it down and never touched meat again for 19yrs.
3. My mom used to give me what looked like the ‘bowl’ haircut when I was a kid. UGH.
4. I cut off a police officer making a left hand turn when I was 16 years old. He wasn’t happy and gave me a reckless driving charge.
5. Really rare…my horse Nash was born a twin out in my back field.
6. I can make the best French Onion soup and grilled cheese, but that’s about it.
7. I’ve had my hands inside my Newfie’s and Yorkie’s abdomens. Yep, I assisted in spaying them and did all their sutures.
8. I’m terrified of flying. I mean completely petrified. I had to go to the hospital before one flight because I was so stressed out my jaw locked shut. I still fly as I never want it to stop me from enjoying life, but damn it sucks.
9. I hand raised several baby raccoons over the years for my work. One of them never left. I named him Buddy and had him for seven years. He had a cat door in my window to leave whenever he wanted. He never did. Buddy slept in bed with me, loved to have a shower, opened the fridge and cleaned the cats. Also, he used a litter box. Buddy died of a kidney tumor ten years ago and I still miss him to this day (But I never want another one, LOL).
10. I did my course for dog Massage Therapy.
11. I went to boarding school for two years and loved it. I also worked there in the summers looking after the horses as it was also a camp.
12. I’m not a shopper. Don’t like trying on clothes or shoes or looking for that perfect outfit. But I do love purses.
13. I smashed my car into a hydro pole when I was in my late teens. The wires fell on my car and I was so scared I jumped out. A big big no no. The cop couldn’t figure out how I was still alive. When she looked down at my feet, she saw I was wearing rain boots. They saved my life.
14. When I’m feeling down, I buy a fish. A live fish. Currently, I have three fish tanks at work and three at home.
15. Writing about men with tattoos has made me want one, so I’ve finally decided on the perfect image to get on my side. A calligraphy style horse head.
16. I have a scar on my left leg from a German Sheppard bite and another running the length of my right outer thigh from a coat hanger sticking out of a garbage bag.
17. I love to try to fix everything myself. So, I was re-flooring my spare bedroom and ripping out the old carpeting when the X-Acto knife slipped and went straight into my upper thigh.
18. Never been married. Just haven’t met the guy I want to spend the rest of my life with. Oh well, book boyfriends are hot. Bonus…I can make my own book boyfriends.
19. I’d rather swallow a box of nails then do any kind of public speaking.
20. I have a Red-footed Tortoise named ‘Bucket’.

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