Tuesday, June 11, 2013

BOOK REVIEW...Skin Deep (Skin Deep #1) by J.M. Stone

Oh, who was she kidding? Emma knew that going to the tattoo shop with her best friend, Allie, would result in getting badgered until she ended up with some sort of needle piercing her flesh in one way or another. What she didn’t plan on was ending up face-first on the floor of the shop with a busted lip. Or doing it in front of the hottest guy she’d seen since…well, ever.

Mortified, Emma never thought she’d ever step foot back in Skin Deep again. But fate, with a little help from Emma’s flighty best friend and a chance encounter with a fudge bar, steps in. Now Emma’s torn between taking a chance on getting her heart broken by the enigmatic, gorgeous Lucas, and playing it safe with good ol’ trusty B.O.B. 

Lucas lets Emma know that he gets what he wants, and what he wants is her. When Emma gives in and quits pushing him away, she’s surprised at how quickly the walls around her heart crumble. She’s even more surprised that her unconventional, zany family just endears her even more to him.

But no one knows there’s someone that wants her more, and they’ll stop at nothing to get her.

*Recommended for readers 18+ due to HOT sexual encounters, adult situations, and language.
Published April 25th 2013

“What the hell, Luke?” I shrieked.
He grinned at me before turning and tossing me on the bed, following me down and stilling me with his body. 
“You aren’t calling the shots tonight, sugar. We’re gonna do this my way.  I’m going to repay you, sugar, for every time you set your teeth in my thigh. I’m going to lick every inch of your body, eat you til you come, and then fuck you so hard, you’ll still feel it next week. But for now, you’re gonna strip. Then your gonna undress me, and then you’re gonna take me in that sweet, sassy mouth. Now, sugar. Clothes. Off."

HOLY. SH*T. That's so hot!

"Skin Deep" was a pleasure read for me.  Although I will admit that the story line was weak, I was completely won over with this read.I mean, hot guys with tattoos, piercing, and the bad boy alpha-possessive streak definitely hit my radar.  What's not to love? ;)

I was glad though that the sex scenes were hot and random.  It was in moderation which I highly thank the author for since books like "Bared to You", "Reflected in You," and "Entwined With You," just remind me of pornos and make me skim over a lot of those scenes.

I wish most authors who mix in erotic themes would learn from J.M. Stone so that readers will engage more in the stories and characters.  Sure, hot sex is delicious but save those scrumptious scenes for certain moments.

I really LOVED Luke!! So sexy!!
“No, no, no…” I was moaning, even as I covered his hand with my own, pressing his fingers even deeper into my hot, wet channel.
“Yessss, Emma, yes!  He’s gonna wake up, Emma. He’s gonna wake up and he’s gonna see you come. And then I’m gonna let him watch as I slide into you from behind, sitting here just like this, baby, and I’m gonna fuck you. I’ll fuck you so hard while he watches and you won’t care, baby. You want it, Emma, don’t you? Let go, Emma. You can. You want it, baby, I can see how much the thought of it turns you on. Show me your darkness, sugar.”

I also enjoyed Emma's bestie and the other minor characters like Emma's sister, Grace.  If anything I felt as if they brought character into the book (and even made me laugh out loud!) since to me Emma didn't really have an interesting personality at all.  She was quite dull in my book.

Over all though, 'sexaclicious' read!!

My Rating:

-Overall : 9
-Plot : 7
-Writing : 8.5
-Characters : 8
-Cover : 9

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