Friday, June 14, 2013

BOOK REVIEW...Private Message by Danielle Torella

Tess has never had sex. Believe it or not, she’s never had a decent kiss. 

The aspiring Seattle painter and photographer is still recovering from the trauma of being beaten and nearly raped at a rock show nearly three years before. So she keeps life simple: she goes to school, goes to work in a coffee shop, goes home, goes on living.

But then Ben’s naked body crashes—almost literally—through Tess’s wall against the world. 

Ben is doing his dad’s art-teacher girlfriend a favor when he agrees to pose nude for her drawing class. But what he draws is the interest of the irresistible punk-looking girl—and it’s interest he reciprocates, with interest. 

Their sexual chemistry is too much to resist. But it’s when they have their clothes on that their heat quickly slips on ice. Ben’s womanizing history is one thing, but it’s history of another kind—related to that fateful night at the rock show—that threatens to tear the young lovers apart forever.
Published May 27th 2013 by Danielle Torella
"Tess do you touch yourself?" "Why do you want to know?" "Because I am hoping to be the first and only person inside of you."

I really enjoyed "Private Message" a lot.  Although it's a very simple love story, I found myself engrossed in it and ripping through the pages without constantly checking on how many more pages till I get to the end.

Tess is an aspired painter juggling her time between school and work.  She sees Ben (or Big_Ben) at a local bar (where patrons may engage in private messaging of each other, hence the title of the book) and is instantly taken with him.

Ben is a magazine journalist for Tone Magazine and covers rock concerts.  He sees Tess  also at the bar and is also captivated with her in not a one night stand kind of way (since yes, he was a man whore before Tess).

"You don't get it. I want to take you out. I want to show you my place. I want to make love to you, NOT fuck you. You are more than just a fuck or any one-night stand."

Now comes the twist of fate when Ben turns out to be the nude model for Tess' art class!! Haha. And what's more is that he was the rescuer that left Tess alone in the hospital right after she had been nearly beaten and raped at a rock concert! What a douche!

What will happen between when Tess learns the truth? And with someone looking to set revenge on Tess, how will it all play out? Will Tess and Ben get their happily ever after?

"Private Message" was a fast and light (well, for me anyway) read.  I must have finished it in like two hours since I was so into it.  I thought Tess and Ben's relationship was very cute although it seemed rushed at the same time.  Their relationship takes off really fast (a little too fast in my book) and I couldn't help but want more 'depth' to them.

I also thought that Tess' relationship with her bestie, whom she meets at the very same bar she sees Ben, was  completely rushed and forced as well.  I mean, one night of hanging together for like an hour or so and they're best of friends?!  So not something that happens in REAL LIFE but whatever.

Over all, nice adorable read that had me squealing of cheesiness.

My Rating:

-Overall : 8.5
-Plot : 8
-Writing : 8
-Characters : 8
-Cover : 8.5

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