Thursday, June 13, 2013

BOOK REVIEW...Razer's Ride (The Last Riders #1) by Jamie Begley

Beth Cornett is the town good girl, so staying out of the way of the motorcycle club’s dangerous members was a no brainer. Unfortunately, she manages to catch the eye of Razer, who has every intention of tempting her to take him on despite her misgivings. When her worst fears are realized, she is left heartbroken, determined to forget her walk on the wild side.

Razer was not going to change for any woman, not even Beth. Their lifestyles were too different; betrayed she ran. Realizing his mistake too late; she was not about to forgive and forget. It takes a killer intent on targeting Beth to bring her back to him and The Last Riders for protection. Razer may have learned his lesson, but this time, as long as she is at the club, she has to play by their rules.
Published June 9th 2013

“I am going to make you purr, then I am going to make you scream.”

As the synopsis states, Beth is the ultimate good girl.  Raised in a strict church background, she is instilled with an upbringing the complete opposite of our male heroine.

Enter Razer.  Razer (wait to you learn how he got that name! omigah!), a major playboy with no agenda of ever settling down and one of the six leaders of The Last Riders, a prominent motorcycle club.  Razer is instantly taken with Beth the moment he lays eyes on her and in a way sees her as the forbidden fruit he is tempted to acquire and corrupt.

I felt really bad for Beth when she almost lost her V-card to Razer and later goes to his house only to see him engaged in a threesome with a male and female member of his club.  I would have cried my eyes out or I would have had a major throw down with Razer and his f*ck buddies! lol

I was glad that Beth stuck to her guns and ran as fast as she could away from Razer after this.  I would have done the same as I could never settle for someone who can't do a monogamous relationship with me.  SO.NOT.WORTH.IT GIRLS!

Of course things change as  a killer targets Beth and she finds herself back in the mix with Razer.  Only, he's more or less committed to her even though he won't say or acknowledge it up front.  He does still do some douchebag to Beth in the book but some of it was because he was too stupid to realize his feelings for Beth or it was for her own safety.

I also have to confess that as much of a chauvinistic pig that Razer was, I still had a little crush on him.  Some of the things that spewed out of his mouth made my girly parts come to life as I love dirty sex talk.  Especially when he calls Beth his "kitty" and makes references to that during sex and foreplay.  So hot!

"My kitty wants to come? That's it baby; get wet good and wet for me."
“I am going to come with you, I’m not going to be to rough, because I plan to fuck you all night and you’re going to be a good kitty and let me."

When Razer does admit to his feelings about falling for Beth, it isn't any sort of grand romantic gesture or confession so I was a bit disappointed with that.  I also didn't understand his revelation of how he came to be in love with Beth especially after he learned of  her childhood traumas (which I might add was completely unnecessary and random!) but oh well!

The main thing that in the end our characters got a happy ending. :D

Hopefully, if there's going to be a next installment in the series and I'm assuming there is it will be on Beth's sister and maybe Shade (Razer's MC member)?  Until then, we'll just have to wait and see!

My Rating:

-Overall : 8.5
-Plot : 7
-Writing : 8
-Characters : 8
-Cover : 7

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