Thursday, June 20, 2013

BOOK REVIEW...Beauty and the Bad Boy (Bad Boy #1) by Scarlett Dupree

A bad boy biker from the Ghetto. Born to the gang. Born to kill. 
A beautiful, young woman from the Heights. Born to be free. Born to love.

Polar opposites. But one thing binds them: A tragic past.

Jake vowed never to love again after his girlfriend was brutally murdered. He’s never forgiven himself for her death. As for Dakota, her happiness was killed by a loss so deep she'd stopped living. After years of sleeping with biker groupies, Jake's bad boy reputation is ripped apart as soon as Beauty steps into his life. As for Dakota, the hunky, inked, heavily muscled, bad boy forces her to live again. Her very life depends on it.

This story tells of Beauty's transition into Bad Boy's world of violence, betrayal and death. A world dominated by men who live by a strict code where love and beauty come second to the gang. It would take a woman of a certain calibre to stand by such a bad boy. But Dakota isn't just any woman. She can fight. She can shoot, and she has the mouth of a sailor. Her grim past has forced Dakota to be headstrong, and so she rebuffs Jake's need to protect her. But Dakota must realize she is as tough as her understanding that, once in awhile, she needs a tenacious man to lean on, especially if that man’s idea of love is to lay his life down for her.

They say when you're at your lowest point your soul is lost. But what happens when the ties of fate bind two lost souls? Would they choose to risk their last remnant of hope to be together? 

Beauty and the Bad Boy is about two lost souls who made such a choice one night, and the dangerous journey they embark upon because of it. But, will their instinct to fight for love save them or will it be their undoing in the end?
Published June 2013
Jake Rider lost his girlfriend Tina in a  vicious attack against his motorcycle club, The Firebirds.  He meets fellow tortured soul, Dakota, and feels instant sparks of connection (and lust) for her.

Jake, however, isn't the only one who's suffered loss as Dakota too has lost loved ones as well.

How will their love bloom as rival forces threaten tear them apart and the forces that took Tina's life are on the brink of claiming Dakota's as well?


In all retrospect, I didn't care for Jake whatsoever.  I wasn't sold on the idea of Jake being this bad ass character that he was supposed to be nor had any sympathy or empathy for him either.  No matter what he had claimed to have done, his character was always fell short to me.  He was sort of like a pansy really (since he throws A LOT of mood swings and cries often) while Dakota wore the big man pants and sucks things up and moves on with her life.

I really admire a woman like Dakota and could totally feel for her throughout the story.  When I had read the plot synopsis, I had already figured that Jake's character would be this overbearing and exaggerating character as he had lost what he thought was the love of his life.  Wait to you hear Dakota's story and the story behind her rose bush tattoos (especially what represents the "bud" of it *tear tear).  Her's is tragic and put's what Jake has gone through to shame.  It's a heavy burden but what I appreciated about Dakota is that she doesn't wither in her loss and misery.  That's something that Jake needs to get a grip on.

I also thought it was cheesy for the characters calling each other "Beauty" and "Bad Boy."  How weird.  I hear some guys refer to their girls as their beauty but to call your guy "Bad Boy" (even though I didn't think he was) was quite a strange word of endearment.

Over all though, this was an okay yet painful read.  And when I mean "painful" I mean that I had to put my e-reader down several times because I was either bored or I wanted Jake to grow some balls and be a man! Sorry for my commentary but it's the TRUTH!

The ending is what left me very unsettled and annoyed the most though. There could have been more done to it because I was not satisfied with it.  It just leaves me thinking what I've known from the beginning: Jake is one irresponsible guy and is lucky that someone like Dakota will put up with him and his sh*t.  I mean, she had some of her options taken away from her in which she can't go and get back and yet Jake still has a chance to with one person (and I'm not referring to Dakota btw) and he's not taking it.  I get that stability and safety is what he's looking at but he should work harder so that he can provide that.  I'm sure that if Dakota could go back in time she would have taken the chance that Jake has.  Pisses me off really.

My Rating:

-Overall : 6.5
-Plot : 6
-Writing : 7
-Characters : 7.5
-Cover : 7

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