Monday, May 20, 2013

BOOK REVIEW...Louie Morelli's Mistress by Patricia Bellomo

New Orleans realtor, Robert Fontenay, sells a house to Mercedes Glapion. But Mercedes is no ordinary client. She’s drop dead gorgeous, owns a voodoo shop in The Quarter, and is the mistress of crime boss, Louie Morelli.

Within days of meeting Mercedes, Robert’s life is turned upside down. He falls in love with Mercedes and starts playing daddy to her eccentric little girl. His fiancée goes berserk and breaks off their engagement. Then he witnesses the murder of a prominent politician and becomes the target of investigating FBI agents. Robert is expected to spy on his lover, but Louie is one step ahead of the Feds, and he makes Robert an offer he can’t refuse.

Caught between mob and FBI, Robert is plunged into New Orleans’s gritty underworld. Lines between good and evil blur as Robert struggles with his passion for Mercedes, his conscience, and his growing admiration for Louie. Soon, Robert realizes that the only person he can trust is Louie. But trusting the enigmatic mobster is dangerous, and it’s not too long before Robert becomes embroiled in a horrific crime.
Published March 11th 2013 by Libreria Publications

First and foremost, I did not like this story.  I did not like it so much that I stopped at like 55 percent because it was too much going on with the story and characters.  It was ridiculous.

The story was not concrete and nor was the characters and also the pacing was lagging.

What a waste of time!!

My Rating:

-Overall : 6
-Plot : 6
-Writing : 6
-Characters : 6.5
-Cover : 7

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