Friday, May 10, 2013

ARC BOOK REVIEW...Love Me (Take a Chance, #2) by Diane Alberts

Thomas Jones has come to Vegas to win yet another account for his marketing company. But when he sits across from beautiful and sensual Brianna Faulk to deliver his pitch, his desire to leave Vegas as quickly as possible is replaced by the need to get close to her. Yet she resists his

Brianna knows a date with Thomas could jeopardize her job, but he’s so maddening and insistent, she has a hard time denying him just one date. But that’s all it can be: one date. Because she has to protect her job and her secrets, even if it means giving up a chance at a life she never thought she’d have again.
Expected publication: May 13th 2013 by Entangled Publishing
What in the world is it with me and picking up books where the main guy is rich, handsome, and emotionally detached?! Cause yet again, Thomas is one of those prime examples!

While I do admit to haven't read the first book in the series NOR have heard of Diane Alberts to boot, I did in fact keep up with the plot and characters well enough to not get distracted with the fact that I should have read book one before reading this! Haha

The characterization of Thomas was a little generic for my taste and his relationship with Brianna was a little predictable: 
1)He spots her and an automatic attraction forms between him and the girl.
2)He lusts for her and wants her in his bed to possess her
3) Get to know each other with lots and lots of hot sex!
4) Some push and pull action occurs with a little drama
5) Characters fall in love with each other
6) Happily ever after!
7) The end.


Over all though, DESPITE my bias swipe towards the structure of the plot I highly suggest you pick up this read guys! I'm sure you'll like it!

Now as for me, I'm going to backtrack and pick up Book One of the series, "Try Me," and read it like how I should have before reading "Love Me." Bye for now!

My Rating:

-Overall : 8
-Plot : 8
-Writing : 8
-Characters : 8
-Cover : 8.5

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