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eARC Book Review...Belle Pearl (#5 The Pearl Series) by Arianne Richmonde

Title:  Belle Pearl (#5 The Pearl Series)
Author:  Arianne Richmonde
Publication Date: November 12th 2013 by Mighty Publications
Goodreads URL: HERE
Plot:  Belle Pearl, is the fifth book and the conclusion to Arianne Richmonde’s bestselling books in The Pearl Series: Shades of Pearl, Shadows of Pearl, Shimmers of Pearl and Pearl; the tumultuous and heart-rending love story between forty-year-old documentary producer, Pearl Robinson, and French Internet billionaire, Alexandre Chevalier, fifteen years her junior.

This book continues from where we left off in Pearl, from Alexandre’s point of view, and continues the story BEYOND Shimmers of Pearl, so has a completely different ending than the trilogy. As with Pearl, there are many scenes in this novel that do not feature in The Pearl Trilogy.

At only twenty-five, Alexandre Chevalier is a billionaire. His social media site, HookedUp, is more popular than Twitter, more global than Facebook. With his devastating looks, alluring charm, and his immense wealth, he has women falling at his feet, desperate for his attention—ex girlfriends and an ex-fiancée who simply cannot let him go. Although his heart is set on only Pearl, she tests him to his limits and proves that she is even more damaged than he first believed.

Alexandre’s dark and dysfunctional past makes him crave a normal relationship with Pearl but he soon finds out that she is anything but your average woman. However, he believes that they are both two peas in the same dysfunctional pod, made to ‘dis-function’ together, and is determined to make their union work. But Pearl puts Alexandre in a position where he is made to choose. His loyalties are split, his patience torn.

After many trials, misunderstandings, and revelations of dark secrets, their wedding finally ensues and it looks as if their happily ever after is sealed.

Until something unforeseen rips their world apart.

This is novel #5 - the conclusion to The Pearl Series and is by no means stand-alone.

Reading order:

Shades of Pearl
Shadows of Pearl
Shimmers of Pearl
Belle Pearl



 “We need each other, baby. We’re both two dysfunctional peas in the same pod. And we won’t be able to dis-function properly without one another, you’ll see. If you try and run away from me, from us, you’ll come back because we’re destined to be together.” 

The good: Solid and interesting plot and story line; LOVED Alexandre!; good pacing.

In general: Normally, I analyze the book apart but due to this being an eARC review and the author’s wishes for there to be no spoilers, I will try to do my best in writing a non-spoiler review for all of you readers!

So here we go!

First things first, if you haven’t read the “Pearl Trilogy” and then “Pearl” then I strongly suggest you do so or else you won’t be able to follow along properly.

In “Belle Pearl,” we continue right after where “Pearl” had left off. I won’t spoil whether Laura succeeded in her evil scheme but we do get many answers within the book as to what’s going on in Alexandre’s head and what goes on behind the scenes in many of the scenes from the Pearl Trilogy that we don’t see.

Arianne also goes beyond and gives us readers of an insight of what goes beyond “Shimmers of Pearl,” which is the last book in the Pearl Trilogy, and we see life for Pearl and Alexandre after. I have to say that as the conclusion for this series, it was definitely a roller coaster ride! I was shocked, I was surprised, and I was ultimately floored with the turn of events! It was that interesting and unexpected!!

How will it all end for him and his precious Pearl? Will they ride on into the sunset and have their happily ever after? Read and you will find out! 

My thoughts: I absolutely LOVED this book and devoured every minute that I got to be in Alexandre’s head and didn’t want to climb out!

If Arianne were to ever create like a spin off on this series for maybe Sophie or even his niece Elodie I would definitely be down to read any of those as well! Sophie has always sort of interested me with her secret double life; and Elodie, who had more of a story line in Belle Pearl, has made me very intrigued with her future.

Brava, Arianne!! I was very impressed!! And THANK YOU, THANK YOU for entrusting me to receive your eARC for an honest review! It really meant a lot to me! Xoxo.

My Rating:

-Overall : 9
-Plot : 8.5
-Writing : 8.5
-Characters : 8.5
-Cover : 8

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