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BOOK REVIEW...Tempting Gray (The Untouchables #2) by T.A. Grey

Title:  Tempting Gray (The Untouchables #2)
Author:  T.A. Grey
Publication Date: November 21st 2013 by Grey Ink Press LLC
Goodreads URL: HERE
Plot:  It all began nearly 600 years ago…

A dangerous vampire, mated to a woman his heart no longer beats for.

A mistake that would change his entire life.

A mistake so horrific it would lead Grayson Blackmoore back to one woman.

A woman who holds the power to shatter him completely—Arabella Donahue.

Vengeance, bloodshed. The hunt is on and Grayson won’t stop until they’re all dead.



  "Why? Tell me, Arabella. I need to know.” -"I didn’t want you to be him because that meant you were mating another woman.”

 The good: Solid plot and story line. Very well written. Great craftsmanship and pacing. Engaging characters. And just the right amount of steam to flare my girl bits to life!

 The bad: Nothing constructive wise to embellish on, but *sigh*, so much death and anguish! *tear tear* ;(

 In general: “Tempting Gray” had me engrossed since the first chapter and didn’t let me off till the very end!!

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  Was it just destiny? Coincidence? Or rather just bad timing?...

 Grayson “Gray” Blackmoore’s and Arabella "Ara" Donahue's fates were forever entwined even before he had given into his arranged mating with Anita. But with luck would have them, a century later.... After an assignment leads to Gray murdering a man who’s the son of one of his worst enemies, he finds himself with a dead bruid and once again brought together with the woman who he has never forgotten. Only this time, it's to exact vengeance on the ones responsible for taking his mate’s life.

 How will things turn out for them? Can they prevent more bloodshed? And will Gray let go of what’s expected of him and to give into temptation to open his heart to another?

My thoughts: T.A. Grey, I have to confess: I have a love hate relationship with you regarding this book!! One part of me wholeheartedly wanted to give you a big hug for this fantastic story...Whereas, the other part of me absolutely loathed you and wanted to bust out my pitchfork and find you! lol

I was so absorbed in this book that I stayed up from 9pm when Amazon had finally re-released it and read it into the next morning!!

I literally ripped through all of the pages because I was so excited to see what would happen next! I was that addicted! But, what I should have kept already in mind before waltzing into this book was the tragic losses that occurred along the way...

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I was particularly miffed with two deaths in the book and was like, “so what is going to happen in the next book in this series then?.” And then as for the other death, I just felt darn bad for Arabella. How heartbreaking! 

I also wondered who the heck the mysterious woman is in chapter 35? Beth? Nah, can’t be... And also, what the heck happened with Arabella supposed to track Zeke's mate? Did that go completely void? I thought Arabella was going to solve that after she did Gray's task? Hmm... 

I’m now super curious as to how Ms. Grey is going to progress on with Lucas Blackmoore’s story, the bad boy rock god, who’d stolen the heart of Beth, Felicitiy’s bestie from “Take Me.” 


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My Rating:

-Overall : 9
-Plot : 9
-Writing : 9
-Characters : 9
-Cover : 9

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