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eARC BOOK REVIEW- Goalie Interference (NHL Scorpions #2) by Nikki Worrell

Title:  Goalie Interference (NHL Scorpions #2)
Author:  Nikki Worrell
Publication Date: October 2013
Goodreads URL: HERE
Plot:  Vlad Bejsiuk is the goalie for the NHL’s San Diego Scorpions. He’s been in love with Zoe Millis almost from the moment he met her. He knows she’s got a thing for him too. Life is great! Right? No.

Zoe Millis is the sports psychologist for the Scorpions. There are very strict rules about doctor/client fraternization. Zoe understands this, and even though it’s hard for her, she abides by it. Well, 99% of the time. Everyone slips up now and then.

Vlad tries to lure her to him with his friendship. He uses his charm and good humor. He assures her that no one will know of their relationship, but she is adamant. Zoe does not break the rules. Well, not more than once … or twice.

What can he do? He is determined to find a way to break her down and make her see things his way. Vlad will interfere with every date she has if that’s what it takes. Who knows? A little goalie interference could go a long way to getting him what he wants, or will he be forced to give up one love in order to keep the other?

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So it's OFFICIAL: I fricken love Nikki Worrell! Thank you so much for entrusting me to read the ARC of your book!! AND... For not raising the stalker alert on me for persistently messaging you about this book's ARC! You had to be thinking... Image and video hosting by TinyPic


But anyways, on to the review!!!


  “Great. Go ahead and leave, Zoe, but know this. I’m done trying to figure this out. I want you, and I’ll have you. Go ahead and try to date. I’ll interfere with every goddamn one. You understand? You’re mine, Zoe Millis, and I’m going to prove it to you. I’m going to ruin you for all other men.”

The good: Great story and I loved the characters!! Especially Vlad!! He’s one of my new book boyfriends. ;) The pacing is “just right”, I liked the story elements, and the plot kept me interested.

The bad: Nothing that I can point out.

My thoughts: A very cute sports read!


Vlad was so fricken adorable and persistent to win over Zoe that I couldn’t help but fall for him no matter what. He’s such an overprotective and jealous alpha male that often at times I found myself swooning.

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 Vlad made me want to hug and coddle him when he hit the lowest point of his career.

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  Flabbergasted and in awe when he had the biggest shock walk into his life.

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 Made me want to throttle him when he lost his temper or would have foot in mouth syndrome.


 And jump him when he was “in the mood”! lol

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  There’s also a point in the story where I literally wanted to beat some girls up but I would have been definitely arrested. I won’t go into it and spoil the story but that pissed me off bad. Evil, vindictive, little sh*ts!!

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  Zoe, on the other hand, is still the lively and spicy spitfire that she always was. I loved how strong and determined she is and how she plays an awesome counterpart to Vlad and balances him out beautifully.

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  And oh! Cage, remember him from “The Enforcer”? Well, he's also in "Goalie Interference" and is still a little sh*t. He has one redeeming point in the story since he showed some sympathy and remorse but that's it. I so can’t wait to see him fall!! Wait till you guys read what happens to him in the epilogue!! At first I smirked and then began to laugh!! OOhh!! He’s going to have his work cut out for him! Muahahahahaa. Karma, my boy. Karma!


  “Sure. But you have to admit—sometimes the smarter ones are the ones who lose out. Life is all about taking chances. Sometimes you even have to interfere to get what you want. What’s the point in playing it safe if there’s something so incredible right in front of you?”

My Rating:

-Overall : 8.5
-Plot : 8.5
-Writing : 8.5
-Characters : 8.5
-Cover : 8.5

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