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BOOK REVIEW...Severed Colours (Colour Wielders #2) by Dawna Raver

Title:  Severed Colours (Colour Wielders #2)
Author:  Dawna Raver
Publication Date: November 18th 2013 by Dawna Raver
Goodreads URL: HERE
Plot:  The epic continues…

Quinn Sinclair trusted Arik Morgaine until he betrayed her. Scared and alone, she finds herself delivered into the hands of the evil Morgana le Fay. When Quinn discovers Morgana's plans are beyond demented and seriously depraved—making life with the Changeling seem like a day at the beach—she wonders if death is a better option?

Arik Morgaine vowed he'd save Quinn no matter the price. When his well thought out plans go terribly awry, a desperate and heartbroken Arik is forced to beg the cruel Triarchia for help. Unwilling to go on without his Älskling, he answers a question that irrevocably alters their lives.

Can Arik and Quinn find a way back to each other, or will the price of saving her rip them apart forever?


*I was offered a free review copy by the author for an honest review.*

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My thoughts: I was really impressed with the craftsmanship and vivid imagination of Dawna Raver!
“Severed Colours” takes place right where “Colour Wielders” ends and gives us an ever more epic experience.

Still reeling from what she believes to be a major betrayal by Arik, Quinn struggles a lot throughout the book to rebuild her trust in Arik. Now dealing with her impending Awakening, how will she and Arik survive Arik’s mother’s reprisal? As well as will she ever regain her trust in him? Things won't be easy that's for sure!...

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My verdict: I highly recommend if you loved “Colour Wielders”! Dawna creates a nice balance between what’s “normal” to us humans (since Quinn is originally from the human world) and the supernatural world since Arik is from the Magykal Real and that’s where our story takes place. Purely crafty I must say!

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Gah, I truly felt as if I was fully immersed in this magical world of Dawna Raver’s and was entranced with watching each character learn, grow, and develop as they settle more into their roles and purposes.
I seriously now can’t wait to get my hands on book three in the series!! So, great job Dawna!! And thank you for reaching out to me in regards to your latest book!

P.S.: I LOVE the book cover for this one! And I see that you have a new cover for book one! Very nice. ;)

My Rating:

-Overall : 8.5-9
-Plot : 8.5
-Writing : 8.5
-Characters : 8.5
-Cover : 8.5

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