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BOOK REVIEW...A Broken Fate (The Beautiful Fate #2) by Cat Mann

Published August 26th 2013
Coping with the traumatic experiences Ava endured with the Kakos is more challenging than she ever imagined it to be. She finds herself struggling to remember the details of her time kept away with Damien Kakos and when the memories assault her mind, she is plagued with crippling fear. There is something in the back of Ava’s thoughts screaming at her, telling her that the fight with the devil’s brood has not yet ended.

Newly married, Ava and Ari deal with issues involving trust, honesty and faith in one another and as they plot their course for a new life together, they discover that their individual wants and needs don’t exactly match. Ari’s promises to Ava begin to break. Some of the Alexander’s family secrets are revealed and Ava realizes that she needs to keep her friends close, and her enemies even closer.

A Broken Fate, the second novel in The Beautiful Fate Series, dives further into Ava and Ari’s nail-bitter of a story and adds even more suspense, mystery, romance and thrills. This series is impossible for any reader to resist.

“You aren’t safe. You aren’t done. Be careful who you trust, Ava.”

"A Broken Fate" begins where "A Beautiful Fate" ended.  I have to say that even if the book series ended here that I'd actually be okay.  But, according to Cat, there's one more to go!!

The good:
- Very solid continuation of the "Beautiful Fate" trilogy.  Very intriguing, calculating, and intense.
- I really enjoyed the trials that both Ari and Ava go through.  It tests them individually and together as a team/couple.
-Ari steps it up!  Finally! *Does a happy dance*  Ari really puts it on the line this time.  He is no longer just a side main character who doesn't do much.  There are some points in the book where he is especially challenged and I loved Cat Mann for doing this as it finally made me fall in love with him. It's not that I didn't like him, I did. But honestly, I was never impressed with him until now so I'm glad that's changed. ;)

The bad:
- Nothing story/plot wise and character wise.
- The only tidbit I raise if that if Ms. Mann ever ended the story at book two it wouldn't be a totally bad thing.  Don't get me wrong guys, I love the series and definitely want a book three as promise but the way that book two ended was just PERFECT.


Readers, be ready to be on the edge of your seats while reading this!  You're in a for a treat!

Tensions are raised, stakes and emotions are high; new secrets are revealed; and you can't trust anyone.  Will Ava be ready for the final battle ahead?  Will her and Ari's love prove to be unbreakable? Read and find out in "A Broken Fate"!

*Some quotes I loved:
“We met at school and I fell completely in love with you. 
You were my whole world from the moment I first laid eyes on you.”

“I love you. You hold my heart in
here. Be careful with it; I can’t live without it.”

My Rating:

-Overall : 8.5
-Plot : 8.5
-Writing : 8.5
-Characters : 8.5
-Cover : 7.5

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