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eARC BOOK REVIEW#- Hot as Hades (Four Horsemen MC #2) by Cynthia Rayne

Title:  Hot as Hades (Four Horsemen MC #2)  
Author:  Cynthia Rayne
Pages: 300 or 70,000 words, Full length novel
Publication Date:  September 5th 2014 by Snippy and Snarky Ink

Plot:  Cowboy is a former rodeo star and a member of the Four Horsemen MC. He spots Daisy Weston stripping in a club owned by the club’s rivals, the Raptors. They have taken her younger sister, Rose, and Daisy is determined to free her at any cost. With Cowboy acting as her bodyguard and guide to the outlaw world, she is getting closer to discovering Rose’s whereabouts, one lap dance at a time. Despite his better judgment, Cowboy finds himself falling for the pretty ex-marine and putting her in harm's way every night is becoming more and more difficult. Can they rescue Rose, before the Raptors discover they are really working for the Four Horsemen?

 My Review 

☆I was given an ARC by the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!!☆


Hot As Hades was a fun, steamy read filled with mystery, intrigue, steam, and even laughs!

#I mean, a former rodeo star acting as a bodyguard and an ex-Marine working undercover as a stripper tag-teaming to find out Daisy's sister's whereabouts + taking down the bad guys? Who would have thought?#

Author Cynthia Rayne gives Cowboy,


a character that was introduced in bk 1 of this series as one of of the members of the Four Horsemen MC, his story and man, is he one smexy cowboy on wheels with a heart of gold!! So multifaceted with an edgy persona mixed with a hidden tragedy that he tries to cover.


Now pair him up with an intelligent spitfire, Daisy, who interestingly knows how to hold her own and wield a gun (*how cool!*).

description  (minus the smoking)

Along with: danger, deceit, seduction and chaos threaten the two in the mix….and the skies the limit for this duo!!

I so (♥)loved this coupling and the story line! It was fresh, nicely paced, and had enough 'jazz' to keep me interested!

Great job Cynthia and I look forward to more from this lovely series!!


My Rating:
-Overall : 8
-Plot : 8
-Writing : 8
-Characters : 8
-Cover : 8
 About the Author 

Cynthia's first erotic book was written when she was thirteen. Of course, the most risqué thing was a chaste kiss, but it was the talk of her middle school!

Cynthia Rayne is a multi-published author in many romance, erotica and erotic romance fiction genres including romantic comedy, bondage/discipline, contemporary, fantasy, gay/lesbian and light and dark paranormal.

Cynthia is is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in education and writes whenever she can. In her spare time, she enjoys dating, shopping, reading way too many romance novels, drinking an obscene amount of coffee, and going to movies.

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