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eARC BOOK REVIEW- The Unfortunates (Unfortunate, #1) by Skyla Madi

Title:  The Unfortunates (Unfortunate, #1) 
Author:  Skyla Madi
Publication Date:  August 5th, 2014 (first published July 1st 2014)

Plot:  He wants his father dead.
He wants power.
He wants control...

....And he'll use me to get it. 

Kade Sario was supposed to vicious and cruel. He was supposed to be a monster, to hurt and chastise me for the smallest things... but he didn't. I didn't understand it... until I found out what he really wanted from me.

He wants to use me. He wants to hold me high above the lion's den and wait for the strongest lion to offer him something he can use...

He won't hurt me and he won't take from me, but he keeps me close... So close I can smell him on my skin even when I'm alone. Growing up it was ingrained in me that I do whatever I can to please my Fortunate. It was ingrained in me that I be loyal and faithful, and that I love my Fortunate more than I love myself. I expected that I'd want to please him. I expected that I would be loyal and faithful, just like I was taught... 

But I didn't expect to fall in love with him.

Time is running out. Things are changing, the balance of power is shifting and if I'm going to survive in this world, I need Master Kade on my side…

 My Review 

☆ I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you SO MUCH hun!! ☆

"Please don't let this become my home. 
We're told the Sarios are the most brutal, the most unsympathetic, hard to handle family out of them all. If that's true, I might just entertain the idea of suicide if I'm chosen to live there."

Before reading this, here’s a brief history of the plot before the actual story begins:

Once upon a time the world was in chaos and four houses came together and set up a system to keep the peace. They were: the Miller, the Sarios, the Milanos, and the Knowle families. Each powerful in their right, the four founders became greedy for power and thus proclaimed themselves as the “Fortunates,” and became the dictating and power classes of the world, while all the others (except a handful of their finest friends) were known as the “Unfortunates”, the products of the poor and now serving slave class.

Every couple of months, when an Unfortunate turns 18, they are sold into one of the houses to serve for life. Whatever they ask or tell you to do, you do it or be punished/killed. If not chosen, you become a breeder to produce more Unfortunates and are killed right after.

This is the way of the Fortunates and Unfortunate life and there's nothing that anyone can say or do about it....UNTIL NOW...

So now, the story at present:

– Nine when sold to the Sarios house

Heir to the Sarios house and business empire, Kaden “Kade” Sarios, is a man both content and conflicted with the tainted idealisms of the world he grew up and lives in.


He receives Nine, our female protagonist, as a gift by his father on his 25th birthday and is instantly smitten with her captivating beauty (as are many of the other Fortunate men). He decides then to use her as his secret weapon of seduction to steadily become the most powerful house of the four founders.

But, that’s easier said when your Unfortunate is different from the others

“What made her stronger than the others? They were raised in the same place and yet Nine refused to cave to the same distress. It infuriated Kade. He wanted Nine to feel distressed, he wanted to make it worse and then better. He wanted her entire existence to revolve around him. Kade wanted her to despise him, to crave him-- even love him. He wanted to control the strings to her limbs like a puppet master. It was only to probe his own control to himself.”

And makes something stir in your soul and render your defenses.


What is Kade to do? How will he use her to his will while still retaining some sense of humanity?


And Nine. Will this feisty, resilient soul who’s been ingrained to please her Fortunate since birth ever have hope of freedom or solace? What with, Master Kade being different from the rest and actually treating her like a human being rather than just a worthless possession.

“I fight a smile. There he goes again, ensuring me that he’s different. That he’s not selfish or out to hurt me. He killed for me. I have the unwavering loyalty, his trust, his protection and maybe, I even have a small piece of his heart, too.”

But with Kade’s foreshadowing, malicious plans …


“He wants to use me. He wants to hold me high above the lion's den and wait for the strongest lion to offer him something he can use...”

How will it all turn out? Will Nine ever be possibly happy and free from her stationed way of life? Will she ever get Kade to admit his true feelings for her?

And Kade. Will he succeed and become sovereign over his family house and become the biggest power player in his league?...


Will he ever surrender his heart and soul to Nine, his kryptonite, his confidant and lover, and possibly his biggest downfall and quest to absolution?


Not to mention, when a shocking revelation of Nine’s past surfaces and changes everything, how will it all play out?

Read and you will find out!

My thoughts: #An explosive, out of the box read from author Skyla Madi! Definitely my favorite from her thus far!!♥♡

I loved the versatility and vulnerability of both characters and how they both compliment one another in such a dynamic manner. I always knew that there was some underlying factor behind Kade’s façade but when I found out more to him, I couldn’t help but feel for him and his plight for dominion and retribution.

As for Nine, her pliancy to never break was commendable and easy to sympathize with to a point where you’re literally cheering for her from the moment you meet her. She’s just that easy to love and to relate to. And just wait to you learn her own plot twist! It was like “holy sh*#!”. I was not expecting that!!

Gah, I can’t wait to see what awaits Kade and Nine in book two and to see the shifts of influence and loyalty between the four founding houses!! It will interesting to say the least with conflict and personal interests and obligations even now leering it’s presence into the mix. I can’t wait!!


My Rating:
-Overall : 9
-Plot : 9
-Writing : 9
-Characters : 9
-Cover : 8.5
 About the Author 

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…and my teachers said daydreaming wouldn’t get me through life.

I’ve been writing since 17 and at 21 I’m a professional daydreamer and giver of both real and fictional life.

Aquarian, lover of the written word and author of the #1 BESTSELLING sports fiction novels Consumed and Too Consumed.

I write like I live my life — fast and carefree — and I have no specific genre. I hop from YA to NA to Erotica to Contemporary romance almost as often as I change shoes.

I have written 6 novels with 26 novels still planned out, they’re just waiting for me to pick up my pen and write their story.

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