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BOOK REVIEW...Ruthless (Dark MC Romance) by Vanessa Waltz

Title:  Ruthless
Author:  Vanessa Waltz
Genre: Dark MC Romance
Publication Date:  June 22nd 2014

Plot:  My husband’s dead and I've been kidnapped.

Years ago, I stole money from the Dragons MC club and ran. Against all odds, I picked myself up. Became sober. Got married.

But then he found me. 

Now I belong to Cain—a ruthless, loveless man who’s intent on making me his obedient slave. He’s done unspeakable things to my body, tortured me, and broken me down so that I’ll never betray him. And I wouldn't have... 

Until Spike came along.

He’s rough around the edges, but warm. When he kisses me, I feel alive. I’ve never been in love, but Spike is all I've ever wanted. When I’m around him, all bets are off. I’m falling for him and I can’t hide it anymore. 

If Cain finds out, he’ll kill us both.

Author's Note: This is a dark romance novel, it contains themes of violence and mature situations that could make readers uncomfortable.

 My Review 

☆I was given an ARC by the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!!☆


“I am going to break you. You’ll never be the same again.”

Ruthless was basically as the title ensues: dark, gritty, relentless, and violent.

Julia made a very, VERY bad mistake. After stealing thousands from an MC club, she thinks she can walk away from her past and escape unscathed.

--How very wrong she is!—


Julia soon finds out that you can’t always run or hide from your problems and that not all actions come without consequences.

With Dragon MC hell-bent on making her pay, they murder her husband in front of her while, Cain, their most violent and sadistic member requests to spare Julia's life with plans of breaking her and making her his before he potentially kills her.


But then…in steps Spike, a newly initiated member who becomes enraptured with the blue eyed blonde ex hustler/drug addict


and things take a turn for the unimaginable!

Get ready for a bumpy ride guys as alliances are tested, blood will be spilled, and all bets are off in the game of love and war!!

So, my thoughts: To be honest, Julia irritated the crap out of me with her stupid actions.


I mean, did she really not think that she would be caught eventually after stealing that much money? Not to mention, her husband made a good sum of income a live in and she resided in a neighborhood on the high end of town. She basically put a bulls eye on her forehead that said,


As for what happens with Cain and Spike, well, that’s where things grow testy and where a lot of the stakes lie besides the fate of Julia.

After all, with a war on the brink with another MC club, that's just the tip of the iceberg with their problems. With loyalties up in the air and tensions rising, how will this all end? Alive? Or six feet below?

#A great take on MC literature with much more edge, heat, and suspense! All and all, a good, decent read!! Just keep a watch out for Julia because she can be such an idiot! lol#

My Rating:
-Overall : 8
-Plot : 8
-Writing : 8
-Characters : 8
-Cover : 8

 About the Author 

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Hi! I'm a romance author who lives in Northern California. While I enjoy pretty much any genre of romance, the darker the better :) Feel free to drop me a line at waltzbooks@gmail.com. Join my newsletter here for discounts, information on new releases, and more! http://eepurl.com/OpOW1

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