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eARC BOOK REVIEW...Trust by Terry Towers

Title:  Trust   
Author:  Terry Towers
Publication Date:  June 25th 2014 by Soft & Hard Erotic Publishing (first published June 23rd 2014)

Plot:  Gwen Anderson is the jewel of her hometown. She comes from a great family and has a future at Stanford University to look forward to... until the night she is abducted by masked men with the intention of selling her to the highest bidder, leaving the people in her town heartbroken and desperate for answers on her disappearance. 

Lance Winters is the son of the man called “The Boss.” He's gradually being introduced to the “family business” with the intent of him becoming the right-hand man of his father's human trafficking organization. Little does his father know, Lance has his own agenda when it comes to the organization that has taken his father over a decade to build. 

When Lance is assigned to train Gwen, to make her the perfect slave for sale, he's hesitant. He can't become emotionally tied to the slaves or it could ruin his plans. Training new slaves isn't part of his agenda, but there is something about her sweet innocence that touches him and the thought of any of the monsters working for his father touching her is unthinkable. 

Is it possible for Lance to gain the young woman's trust and perhaps even save her life when he's one of the bad guys keeping her from everything she's ever known and loved? Can she ever understand that sometimes it takes an even bigger monster to stop a monster?

 My Review 

☆I was given an ARC by the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!!☆

“You’ve been taken.”

Trust was actually a good read. I had my doubts but with a synopsis like that I just had to take a chance on it. So glad I did!

The story:
Gwen Anderson had it all:


Good looks, a loving family and star lacrosse boyfriend, as well as a bright future. That is, until she was abducted and made a slave.

“I’m no longer a person. I’m a commodity. Gwen Anderson is dead and slave number 342 has taken her place.”

Now in a world where humanity is at a loss and your best hope is to either: 1) endure the physical, mental, emotional and sexual abuse 2) be sold 3) AND/or end up dead

Will Gwen be able to escape and make it out alive while not putting her life and those she loves' lives at jeopardy? Or break and face the same the same dismal fate as many before her?

“The only way you get out of here is when you’re sold. Of if you’re dead. The only choice have is how easy or hard life can be for you while here.”

Now enter: Lance Winters.


“The Boss’s son” and next in line to his father's underground business. Deadly handsome and secretive by nature, he has a past and an agenda of his own. But when Gwen steps into the picture, his resolve is shot to hell.



Gone is the cold, indifferent shell of a man he once was and now an overprotective, remorseful, 'Savior Lance' has taken place.

How will Lance must figure out how to execute his plans while saving the girl he loves? Will his and Gwen’s forbidden romance be able to withstand the true terrors and repercussions they’re about to unleash?


And Gwen. Will she be able to save the other slaves?

“He pulled me into his arms and I welcomed his embrace. But even as he held me I couldn’t help but think about the girls downstairs. Those girls didn’t have anyone to fight for them. I had to do something, I just had no idea what it was.”


What about Lance's dad and the rest of the individuals involved in kidnapping and trafficking women for profit? Will she and Lance be able to stop the real monsters behind this heinous crime organization? And will they ever life a normal life once again? Read and you will find out!

“I took your life from you.”I shook my head. He may have been part of the organization that had taken me, but he hadn’t.“No. You saved me.”

My thoughts: So over all, I really liked this read. It did need to pick up on the pacing at times and used a little more action on it but all and all it was good. My biggest criticisms though stem from the instant attraction that they have and the ending. I hate insta-love relationships and chemistry that is not expanded on. I just wasn’t 100% sold on “Gweance.” More like, 75% maybe. I mean, I couldn’t find an exact connection between them other than Lance was drawn to her innocence and purity to which he had lost long ago; and Gwen liking him because he was handsome and nice to her.

As for the ending: it could have been edited out because it was random and unnecessary. Everything was good and then that little “update” at the end popped up and I was like, “okay, that was nice. But was totally unneeded.”

All and all though, a decent exposure to the world of human trafficking and of what happens when you develop Stockholm syndrome and fall in love with your captor. Okay well, the Stockholm syndrome comment was a bit harsh on Lance, but as he had put it in the story, he’s guilty by “association”!

Trust me guys, this one is one heck of a sensual and gritty read! You will be kept constantly wondering who will make it out alive and who will not? As well as, what will be the outlook for Gwen and Lance IF they do escape?

Great job Ms. Terry Towers!

My Rating:
-Overall : 8
-Plot : 8
-Writing : 8
-Characters : 8
-Cover : 8.5

 About the Author 

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Terry Towers is a NY Times and USA Today bestselling author, with her books translated into six languages. The Moan for Uncle Series, The Sibling Rivalry Series, The Girl From The Coffee Shop series and over a dozen other titles have all graced the erotica and romance bestsellers charts.

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When I write my books I want them to be hot enough to get my readers juices flowing, but at the same time have enough of a plot that my readers identify with the characters. I strive to make the readers of my books want, need and crave the characters to hook up.

I hope you have as much fun reading the hot, kinky and sometimes raunchy activities of the heroes & heroines within my books as much as I enjoyed writing them for you.

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