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BOOK REVIEW...Losing Enough (Second Chances #1) by Helen Boswell

Title:  Losing Enough (Second Chances #1)  
Author:  Helen Boswell
Publication Date: April 26th 2014 by Artemathene Books

Plot:   When Alexis Lin heads to Sin City for the summer, she wants nothing more than to dive into the clubs, spas, and concerts – the benefits of her father’s high roller lifestyle. On her first night in the city, Alexis gets into trouble at a club but walks away from it with the help of Connor Vincent. Private security guard to the top gamblers, Connor is all charm with his clients, but he's the anti-Prince Charming when it comes to women. Connor doesn’t have time for romance. He has his own problems to deal with, including his wild card of a brother who has come to town to collect on a past debt. 

Alexis and Connor's unlikely chemistry heats things up as chance again conspires to throw them together. The stakes become even higher when unexpected tragedy strikes Alexis’ family and when Connor’s brother threatens to ruin the life that Connor has worked so hard to build. To come out ahead of the game, Alexis must be brave enough to listen to her heart, Connor must finally face up to his past, and both must decide how much they're willing to lose.

Sometimes risking your heart is the biggest gamble of all.

Losing Enough is a New Adult Contemporary Romance.

 My Review 


I tried to love this, I did! But it moved like a turtle and for the entire leg of the first half it dragged! Gah!


*Yes, I am aware that this is a snail and NOT a turtle. Still couldn’t help myself from using this gif though!*

I barely got through this read and it was not because the story was bad or anything.

It’s just that, while I do appreciate build ups instead of insta-love and fast moving romances… this aspect turned out to bite me in the butt and grated on my nerves and patience.


By the time some action (and I don’t necessarily mean sexual), I was already doing this:


So, a decent read but needed up pick up the pace and perhaps even up the ante. Not much was going on to keep my attention. It just didn’t click with me.

I’m so sorry!!


*I received a review copy via the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!!*

My Rating:
-Overall : 8
-Plot : 7
-Writing : 7
-Characters : 7
-Cover : 8

 About the Author 

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Helen Boswell loved to get lost in the pages of a story from the time she could sound out the words. Originally from upstate New York, Helen spent much of her early adult life tromping around in Buffalo, NYC, Toronto, and Las Vegas, those cities now serving as inspiration for the dark and gritty urban backdrops of her stories. An author of both urban fantasy and contemporary romance, Helen loves to read and write characters that come to life with their beauty, flaws, and all.

Helen dedicates her time to raising her family of two boys, teaching college students, and of course, writing. 

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