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Blog Tour Stop- Let It Be Me by Toni Aleo

Title: Let It Be Me
Author: Toni Aleo
Publication Date: October 2nd 2013 by Toni Aleo
Ebook/Book Copy Source: Author for Blog Tour
Plot:  Do you see that woman there?
The one with long, wavy blond hair and blue eyes that used to sparkle?
That’s me, Violet Moore.
Do you see those men over there?
One is my husband, Rob.
A man who claimed he loved me, but proved his fist loved me more.
The other is Tucker McCloud, my savior and confidant.
I'm torn between what's right and my own fear.
But not anymore.
I’m taking my life back now.
I will fight back.
I will be happy.


The good: -Exceptional and exemplary plot and story line
-Endearing characters
-Very emotionally gripping, intense, and genuinely touching!!

The bad: mean, other than the fact that I HATED.HATED Violet’s husband with an outright passion?!
Nothing that I can can think or comment on. ;)


“Let It Be Me” is a very dark, gritty, and raw tale which covers the topic of domestic violence.

I have to recommend Toni Aleo, as this isn't a very ventured topic that people like to explore into detail and she captures this flawlessly.

After all, domestic abuse isn’t a pretty thing at all and I’m glad that Toni doesn’t hold back on this. It is very physical, mental, and emotional thing. I know, because my sister went through it. Albeit, I’ll admit, from what she told me hers was minuscule compared to Violet’s but from what she explained to me from what goes on behind closed doors (e.g. why leaving your abusive partner isn’t as easy as people think) is rather similar to Violet’s situation.

So, in other words, major kudos for Ms. Aleo for making the characterization and thought process of victims (as well as the depiction of the culprit) so sensible and pragmatic! It made me feel as if I were really there in her shoes but in reality I would be yelling at her to run for the hills and for Tucker to save her!

Speaking of Tucker...

Let me just say that I LOVE, LOVED Tucker McCloud!! <3 xoxoxoxo  

Can I have my very own of him?! Pretty please?! I swear, he was definitely swoon worthy!! There were so many points of which I wanted him to swoop in and rescue Violet but in a way, I’m so glad he didn’t. My reason being, that if he were the one to save her there would be no point in this story. I think what the author was trying to convey to readers who are in this situation like Violet were for them to muster up their own strength and courage to find a way out of their abusive situations. There won’t always be someone there to help you so you must look for it in yourself to get yourself out of the situation if possible.


I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! I was already a huge Toni Aleo fan from her “Assassins” series but “Let It Be Me” proved that she could also step outside of her box and go even deeper into more serious content.

I am absolutely impressed with her craftsmanship is creating such a haunting, realistic tale and would read more from her outside of her hockey sports reads!!

I swear, every minute of Violet’s turbulent marriage I could vividly see and feel every minute of it exuberated from the pages and constantly feared and cried for Violet!!

So captivating and heartbreaking at the same time.

Gah, "Let It Be Me" is a true winner in my book!! I can’t wait to see what Ms. Aleo has in store for us in the future!!

But until then, be on the lookout for "Blue Lines," which is Toni's next release continuing her highly acclaimed "Assassins" series!!

Bye friends!

My Rating:

-Overall : 9
-Plot : 8.5
-Writing : 9
-Characters : 9
-Cover : 7

Where to get your copy!:
Barnes and Noble


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