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BLOG TOUR STOP eARC REVIEW- Breathless by Rose J. Bell

Title: Breathless
Author: Rose J. Bell
Publication Date: September 30th 2013
Ebook/Book Copy Source: Author
Some truths can leave you breathless... 

Two years ago Ree Coleman’s life imploded, when her life was taken away from her. Now Ree is a "living dead girl", trying to survive each day, when it’s just a struggle to breathe.

After the unexpected death of her father, Ree and her family lose everything. As they are forced to leave the rich Upper East Side, they find themselves living in the slums of Bronx. Ree must figure out ways for her family to get by, and she tries to accept her father’s death. However, his death prompts many questions, including what really happened to him.

Meanwhile she meets Logan Marquez, a boy with a dangerous reputation. Knowing that boys are dangerous, Ree tries to stay away from him, but Logan insists on trying to earn her trust and friendship. 

Soon, dark and dangerous secrets are revealed, and one explosive secret will shatter both their worlds. 

Due to heavy subject matter, graphic scenes and sexual content this book is intended for mature readers.


"You can be broken inside, but you can still be a strong person. Appearance doesn't have anything to do with the soul. You should know that, Ree."

Coming into reading this I knew that there was going to be some heavy themes. The only thing is, is while I understood the female protagonist's plight and struggles, I had a hard time connecting with her on a deeper level.

Ree feels "broken" due to a horrific three month kidnapping experience that's shattered her faith in people (particularly men). She lives her life day to day still feeling the after effects of the trauma she had endured and is unwilling to let anyone in.

One day, her dad goes on a business trip and is later found dead. Police rule that it was a suicide while Ree knows that it was an act of foul play.

With her dad dead, Ree and her family lose everything and have to move from their rich Upper East Side of New York to the slums of the Bronx.

Only, with Ree's kidnapper still at large, a mysterious love interest named Logan now in the mix, and explosive secrets turning up, what will become of Ree?


The precipice of "Breathless" is good but the story line kind of lagged for me and the pace was too slow for my taste. I'm the type of reader that needs constant action or revelations to keep me interested and "Breathless" isn't that type of read. It's more so an emotional journey for Ree and therefore it took time to manifold.

Also, so like I said in the beginning, connecting to Ree was probably the hardest part for me. While I get why she is the way she is I still couldn't stand her self-pity and redundant statements claiming that she was "broken." Seriously, if I were in your shoes and went through the same ordeals I would definitely feel the same way but I wouldn't keep telling myself and others constantly that I'm "broken" constantly. It's very annoying and made me want to throw something at her. After all, some unfortunate people also go through the same ordeal only to not escape or survive. Be happy you're alive and well.

As for the admission on identity of the kidnapper, or "Psycho," as Ree liked to call him was just shocking. I was so not expecting that. Is it so terrible that I mostly paid attention to the back flashes of Ree's kidnapping with Psycho the most appealing parts of the book? Gosh, I feel so wrong and demented for admitting that! lol.

That said, I'm sure that you other readers will find this book pulling at your heartstrings but for me it just wasn't for me. 

Thanks so much to Rose J. Bell for allowing me to read the ARC of "Breathless"! It was not a bad read but I guess I needed something more to hold my attention.

My Rating:

-Overall : 8
-Plot : 8
-Writing : 8
-Characters : 8
-Cover : 7

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