Tuesday, August 6, 2013

eARC BOOK REVIEW...Lord of Snow and Ice by Heather Massey

An innocent Beauty. A fearsome Beast. A dangerous passion.

Mystery and speculation surround “the Dark Prince,” a sorcerer who dwells in a kingdom cursed by endless winter. Though shunned by all, Prince Stellan secretly crusades against a zombie plague unleashed by his tyrannical father against the Five Lands. But only an alliance with Aldebaran will provide the support he needs to eradicate the plague once and for all.

Clarysa, daughter of the Aldebaran king, struggles under the weight of her role as princess. She yearns for adventure, but her father prefers to keep his youngest daughter safe within the palace walls. During one of her rare sanctioned trips beyond the walls of the castle, Clarysa comes face to face with the answer to her prayers.

She’s heard the tales of Stellan’s dangerous nature. She knows a romance with him is forbidden. But one smoldering glance draws her deep into a world of dark magic and sensuous rapture.

CONTENT WARNING: Magic, mayhem, and epic snowfall.
Expected publication: October 1st 2013 by Lyrical Press


Normally these types of reads really appeal to me but for some reason I just couldn’t finish reading it.  It’s not that I hated it or that the story was bad.  It was more like the pacing was so slow and sluggish that I often found myself putting my e-reader down to listen to some music or walk around my house to revitalize myself.
Judging though from what I did read, I did like how the author took time to set up the story before having the characters officially meet.  What I mean by them not officially meeting before, is that in the beginning, we find Stellan creeping and checking out Clarysa while she was laying naked by a riverbank! Buahahahaha Stellan you’re so naughty!!  Now whenever you look at her the first thing I’m sure what will pop in your head is, “I know what you look like!!” Lol.

Anyway, with that said………………………..

Again, I can’t evaluate a whole lot on the storyline and characters since I cut off around midway.  What I can say is that there are some similarities to the classic “Beauty and the Beast,” but “Lord of Snow” has its own plot twist and appeal.

I’m sure in the great span of things, that most of you readers will eat this plot line and characters up.  But as for me, it just wasn’t my cup of tea.

In regards to Heather Massey, I would like to personally thank you for reaching out to me and considering me to review your story.  I’m sorry it wasn’t the book for me but I’m sure it will appeal to the rest of your readers.

Until next time!

My Rating:

-Overall : 7
-Plot : 7
-Writing : 7
-Characters : 7
-Cover : 7

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