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BOOK REVIEW...Viper's Run (The Last Riders, #2) by Jamie Begley

Published August 20th 2013 by Young Ink Press, LLC
Winter Simmons received the surprise of her life when she discovered the man she had been dating for the last two years was actually Viper, president of the Last Riders. A high school principal, Winter has no intention of ruining her reputation in the community to be with a man who betrayed her trust. Unforgiving, she turns her back on him, only to find that Viper is not the gentleman he portrayed.

Determined to find his brother’s killer, Loker James kept his identity as President of The Last Riders a secret from Winter. When the truth comes out, he is determined to make her see the real man who can control not only a group of dangerous bikers, but a woman whose life is a rulebook. Unable to prevent herself from being drawn into the very club she despises, Winter is about to lose everything important to her, unless Viper can prove she’s more than a moonlight run.

“So you thought..that Viper shared your Christian values?”
“What about the last months you were together?”
                  “I thought he was gay.”
  -LOL. Viper you got PAWNED! Lol.

Jamie Begley has definitely stepped up her game in this smexy tale.

"Viper's Run" is intriguing, very consistent, and also holds your attention!

I had really enjoyed the first book , "Razer's Ride", but I must say that I thoroughly loved "Viper's Run" even more!!


The plot and pacing were 'just right'. Nothing was too fast or too slow and the entire story line was cohesive.

The character dynamics of Winter and Loker a.k.a "Viper" were very intriguing as both are as different as night and day.

Winter, is a very "stick to the rules", "white picket fence" kind of person while Loker/Viper is like a Jekyll and Hyde.

Whilst he and Winter were 'dating' (*which I may add they were but they weren't exactly) he went by his given name Loker and was the epitome of a good respectable gentlemen.

Then one very fine day while playing with her students at the park, Winter finds out that he is biker leader, Viper, he turns into this bad a**.

Viper, is no man you want to trifle with. He's a no nonsense, gets what he wants, and if you mess with him and he'll kick your a**!!

Viper doesn't make his identity known to Winter until she that fateful day. Then after Winter learns his biker affiliation, she automatically leaves him and breaks off all contact.

You later learn why during those two years as to why Loker/Viper did not fully commit to Winter in establishing a romantic relationship with her but it is revealed that he did have feelings and share a mutual attraction for her.
 "The Last Riders were a part of his life, one that he had no intention of leaving. He wanted to share it with the woman he loved.  Winter was that woman.  If she would just let her guard down long enough to see that he was willing to give her anything she wanted, she would stop letting her fears control her. "
" I believed that once you found out who I was, you wouldn’t be able to accept that."
I think it was really funny though after Winter gets attacked Viper becomes totally gung-ho in pursuing her romantically. In other words, the tables are now turned! Woohoo!!

Before... it was Winter that was hoping to be more with him while he had just wanted to retain a platonic relationship with her.

Only now... Winter wants nothing to do with him even after he forces her to move in with him so that he can take care of her and her physical therapeutic needs/recovery. *Talk about vengeance rearing it's evil head as it is now Viper pinning over Winter and Winter remaining indifferent to him!
Viper’s hands clenched into fists, forcing his body to relax and to get his c*ck back under control. The sight of her in the bikini had almost sent him over the edge to grab her, but he had been able to gain control. He hadn’t f*#ked anyone since the night she had been attacked and it was beginning to get to him.  When she had thought he was faithful to her for those two years, he had f*#ked anything that crossed his path, working his desire for her out on numerous willing female bodies.  Now, when she could care less about him, he found himself unable to bring himself to touch another woman.
   Winter had her revenge and she didn’t even know or care.

My Thoughts/Review:

I absolutely loved when Viper gets into his jealous sulks and got super hot when he would turn all macho cave man on Winter. He is so alpha possessive and I really enjoy those types of character's in books!! :D
"You’re mine, regardless of whether you want to be or not.  If you even think of looking at another man, I will kill the motherf*#ker.  If you try to leave me again, I will lock you in my room.  And if you ever, and I mean ever, tell me you’re not pretty again I will beat your ass until you can’t sit for a week.  Do you understand me?”
Not to mention, his dirty talk is super hot!
Exhibit 1: “You know the best thing about fighting?” he whispered against her breast.
   “No, what?”
   “The adrenaline rush makes you want to f*#k.”
    “It does?”
   “Yes it does.  So it doesn’t matter if you had a shower, you’re about to get wet again.”

Exhibit 2: “I want to hear you scream, let’s me know you want my c*ck in your needy p*ssy.”
“Viper, you need to come,” Winter pleaded.
   Viper looked down at his c*ck sliding in and out of her p*ssy.  “Pretty girl, I’m not going to come for a while,” he warned.

And last but not least, exhibit 3: “I know what I want for my birthday.  You’re going to get this little tidbit pierced for me.”    “No,” Winter wailed, not letting a needle anywhere near the sensitive flesh he was stroking.    “But it’s what I want for my birthday and Winter just think how I can play with it when I go down on you” 
(*Note, this is just three little examples.  There's A LOT more where that came from!)

I understood both characters' POV's and a lot of their motives and reactions. Viper, because he is the MMC leader, so he has a lot of responsibilities and has to be harder on himself and people. He also naturally has this dominant type of personality which I'm not sure where it comes from but I think is a definite asset in his line of work and courting Winter.

As for Winter, I think deep down a lot of us would be a Winter in her situation. I mean, when you live on the straight and narrow and the guy you've been mooning over turns out to be the complete opposite of what you thought how else would you respond? Winter made sense. Albeit, sometimes I thought her to be a coward for always wanting to run away but I too would have responded the same way so I can't judge her for that.

That said, I couldn't be more happier with how the plot and the characters had progressed in this story and am excited for perhaps another "The Last Riders" book in the series. From the MMC brotherhood and business to the scorching hot relationship between Winter and Viper I was very happy and impressed. They were all nicely entwined and progressed fluidly.

So over all, I'm now absolutely fangirling Jamie Begley's works now. I'm still hoping that the next book will be on Shade and Lilly since in "Razer's Ride" you could tell that there was something there but in "Viper's Run" it is quite obvious that Shade has it bad for Lilly. *Sigh*, only time will tell. Until then friends!

My Rating:

-Overall : 9
-Plot : 8.5
-Writing : 8.5
-Characters : 8.5
-Cover : 8.5

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