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BOOK REVIEW...Spiral by Mila Ferrera

Nessa Cavanaugh, psychology student, knows how to stay on an even keel. Despite the urging of her mother and her academic advisor to get a life and have some fun, “all work and no play” sums up her plan to survive her grueling internship year at a children's hospital. She doesn't want to end up like her father, whose constant ups and downs broke her family, and avoiding unnecessary emotional entanglements is a must.

Then she (literally) runs into Dr. Aron Lindstrom in the middle of her disastrous first day on the job. The attraction is instant—and terrifying. Nessa knows she should stay away—especially when she finds out he has a reputation for being a player—but Aron is brilliant, intense, and as sexy as they come. When he challenges her to take a chance on him, her plans to stay focused on work start to crumble.

But what begins as passion takes on a dangerous edge, becoming an emotional roller coaster that’s frighteningly familiar. As things spiral out of control, Nessa must decide whether she should hold on for the ride or run … even if it means leaving her heart behind.
Published July 9th 2013 by Mila Ferrera Books
So before I start, I would like to share some random thoughts that came to mind while reading "Spiral":

While I did like "Spiral," I do have to admit that while reading it I kept thinking "this only happens in books or tv shows."  I mean seriously, where is it possible for you to go and see a bunch of young, good-looking interns in the same department and with a play boy doctor to boot?!  That is unheard of!  I only see stuff like this on Grey's Anatomy or in stories like this. ;)


Brief Thoughts on the Plot:

Definitely an addicting read!!  I really liked the plot and the pacing of it.  Nessa's conflict with her inner demons and how she brings it into play with her day to day life and her new found relationship with Aron was most intriguing.  I was always on edge and felt almost like a mother hen for her since I was always worried about her.

I also enjoyed seeing her work environment as I could actually see situations like that really arising and feeling those thoughts and emotions when dealing with patients and their families.  

The Characters- Nessa and Aron:

I liked the characterizations of Nessa and Aron.  Nessa, to me, was very easy to sympathize with and understand.  Since this story is told from her point of view, I could feel and understand all of her feelings and emotions and would have reacted a lot like how she does.

As for Aron, Aron seemed to good to be true.  While I do believe that a lot of doctor's are wh*res and like to sleep around when they are not on the job, his personality was almost fairy tale like.  I mean, he is so sweet and perfect to Nessa.  I don't neglect to disclose that he does have his flaws (*SPOILER* like a mental disorder!) BUT STILL.  He was practically Prince Charming!!  LOL.

My problem with "Spiral":

My biggest issue with this book was how the setting and the characters intermix.  I had a hard time believing that an entire panel of good looking medical personnel could exist under one facility.  If only, if only.  Then I could stalk off a hospital and try to win me a hunky doctor/intern! *wink wink*

Another thing, "Spiral" made me contemplate was hospital policy between co-workers fraternizing.  I know that there are married couples and boyfriends and girlfriends who work together in the hospital but I really wonder what their opinion is on co-workers messing around with each other and what not.  Is it a "don't ask and don't tell policy"?  I know that this is totally irrelevant in the big scheme of things but I couldn't help but wonder now.  I guess you could say that "Spiral" really made me think outside the box for once! Hehe.

Anyways, I'll end my rants and ravings now as I'm sure you're starting to think 'this girl is seriously off her keister'. ;)  Go ahead and read "Spiral" if you're interested.  It was a lovely read altogether even with my reservations that I mentioned above and I'm sure the rest of you readers will love it!! Happy reading!!

My Rating:

-Overall : 8
-Plot : 8
-Writing : 8
-Characters : 8
-Cover : 8

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