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eARC BOOK REVIEW...Misunderstood (Death Dwellers MC, #2) by Kathryn Kelly

Title:  Misunderstood (Death Dwellers MC, #2)
Author:  Kathryn Kelly
Publication Date: April 6th 2014 (first published April 4th 2014)
Goodreads URL: HERE
Plot:  John Donovan has been left in charge of the Death Dwellers' MC while the club president is on his honeymoon. With six days left till Outlaw's return and smooth sailing so far, trouble suddenly bubbles up. As the clock ticks, he's determined to bring everything under control.
Kendall Miller, an attorney and the ex-girlfriend of another MC president, is in deep problems. When her little sister is taken by her ex, she needs to supply information to a man who is frantic for information on the highest ranking members of Johnnie's club. When she suddenly shows up at the clubhouse and arouses the suspicions of a very handsome blond biker, she finds herself being taken as his prisoner. 
Evil is all around them. To save herself and her sister, Kendall has to rely on the man she betrayed. To save his club, Johnnie has to trust Kendall's story. Before it's too late. Because lives will be lost and hearts will be broken. 
WARNING: This isn’t an easy or light read. Please be advised. The way to Johnnie’s and Kendall’s resolution involves death, violence, destruction, a sexual assault scene and suicide.



**Note to readers who plan on reading this in the future: I HIGHLY SUGGEST that you read MISLEAD before embarking on this novel since Johnnie is first introduced there.**

Misunderstood was a solid read but did struggle with issues with cohesiveness and disheveling all over the place.

Those of you who have followed Outlaw and Meggie’s story from Misled to Misappropriate know about Johnnie and his not so subtle attraction for Meggie.

But, as we all know, she’s off limits and is in love with Outlaw. Hence, Johnnie’s anguish and one-sided love brims in the midst.

He then meets a mysterious red head and has a one night stand with her and their fates become forever entwined.

But with danger, death, blackmail, blood, a couple game changing revelations, how will everything turn out? Will Johnnie extinguish his torch for Meggie and give Kendall a chance? And with old and new enemies arising, will these two be able to trust each other to stay alive?


Read and you will find out!

My thoughts: So while I did LOVE this book, I do have to admit that it was a tad rough around the edges.

I can’t put my finger as to what I thought was missing or skewed but I can say that I felt constantly bombarded at all directions with action, romance, and new situations and people popping themselves in that I got a bit overwhelmed at times.

I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing because it’s not; it’s just that it made my head spin once in a while trying to process everything. Then again, it could be because I’m still recovering from a bad cold that had been going around my family that I feel this way. Who knows? Everything just seemed to go off a lot though in the first part of the book and the ending so it was a bit dumbfounding is all.


Also, I thought that Kendall was supposed to be an attorney. So where did that concept go? It was brought up in the beginning and then it just perished. It made Kendall’s credibility shoot out the door for me. And well, the way that she acted throughout the story. It just wasn’t believable that she had such credentials to get such a degree only for it to not be at all expanded on throughout the story and for her to act like a petulant child at times for a woman of 30 years of age.

I mean, Kendall went through all those years of schooling so it has to be her passion, right? Where did it go? I get that she landed in bad water with that previous MC club that put it on the back burner but I would have liked to see it take flight again as Kendall rediscovered herself and grew stronger character wise.

As for Johnnie…yes, I’m finally getting to him now….while I did get his feelings for Meggie, I also didn’t fully comprehend what the heck he was doing with Kendall at all. I get that he was attracted to her and felt that he needed to man up and take responsibility for that bomb she lays on him but I still didn’t see any real chemistry.


I did like, however, that he doesn’t fall in love with Kendall from the get go. I hate insta-love and fast paced romances. But at the same time, I just wish that there was a little more depth to his and Kendall’s relationship is all instead of seeming so forced.


So over all, a great addition to the Death Dwellers MC series! Kathryn Kelly is definitely an author to be on the lookout for and I can’t wait for Val and Zoann’s story!! Zoann wasn’t as bad as I had thought in this book so I really look forward to their book!! And then, hopefully, Mortician and Bailey’s story will be after! *Pretty please?!*

*An ARC review copy was given to me by the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!!*

My Rating:

-Overall : 9
-Plot : 8.5-9
-Writing : 8.5-9
-Characters : 8.5-9
-Cover : 8.5-9

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