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eARC BOOK REVIEW- Wrecking Ball by B.N. Toler

Title:  Wrecking Ball  
Author:  B.N. Toler
Publication Date: April 24th, 2014 by Self
Goodreads URL: HERE
Plot:   When Brandon and Sophia met, something clicked. A guy who didn’t believe in love at first sight, suddenly believed. A girl who believed a bad boy would always be bad, changed her mind. With Sophia by Brandon’s side, he knew he could conquer the world, and Sophia had never felt more loved or wanted in her life. They were good together.

But even the strongest of foundations can be crumbled. 

Sometimes all it takes is one moment, fleeting as it may be, to crush what was once strong and indestructible, like a wrecking ball. 

Now Sophia has left and as she rediscovers herself, Brandon is left holding the shattered pieces of their lives, trying to figure out how to put them back together. 

He loves her.

She loves him.

All he needs now is to make her remember that.

✮ My Review 

♬ We clawed, we chained, our hearts in vain
We jumped, never asking why
We kissed, I fell under your spell
A love no one could deny


A perfect marriage...only not so perfect..
Growing apart, one single indiscretion knocks their entire foundation apart.


Now, two hearts at a crossroads and two children's futures in question...



Can they pull it together? Or is it simply not meant to be? Not so happily ever after?

My thoughts: Normally, I tend to stay away from these types of reads because often at times the characters need to grow and rediscover what they have while apart from another and this leads to extramarital affairs. I hate that!!

However, what changed my tune about this was how B.N. Toler made it tasteful and much needed for them to realize what they gave up and what they had in one another. Or in other words, what made their union and connection so effortless and ultimately worth fighting for.

I have to say that while embarking on this journey, that I was not expecting for it to be so emotionally draining and yet educating. B.N. Toler writes in a manner in which enraptures readers into first hand experiencing Brandon and Sophia's struggles and vulnerability into their imperfect love and it rising from the ashes of destruction and into the light once again.

A lovely, lovely read that got me a little weepy and teary eyed at times!! It was so moving Great job Ms. Toler!!

♬ I came in like a wrecking ball
I never hit so hard in love
All I wanted was to break your walls
All you ever did was wreck me

Music courtesy of: ♬~~Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus ♬

*I received an ARC via author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!!*

My Rating:
-Overall : 9.5
-Plot : 9-9.5
-Writing : 9-9.5
-Characters : 9
-Cover : 8.5-9

✮ About The Author 

B N Toler's first novel HEALER was released in July 2013. B N Toler lives in Virginia with her husband and three kids and is currently working on HYBRID, the 2nd in the HEALER series.

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