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eARC BOOK REVIEW...Connected by the Sea by E.L. Todd

Title:  Connected by the Sea  
Author:  E.L. Todd
Publication Date: January 30th 2014 (first published January 4th 2014)
Goodreads URL: HERE
Plot:   Sydney is attending University of Hawaii on Oahu where she's majoring in Marine Biology. She loves her friends, her job, and her school. Since her ex-boyfriend cheated on her six months ago, she hasn't moves onto anybody new yet. When Coen catches her eye, she's immediately attracted to him in a very carnal way. She refused to let herself feel that way because he's a heartbreaker just like her ex was. But when she's called to her professor's office because she's asked to tutor someone, she doesn't realize it's Coen. Will he convince her that he really is boyfriend material or will he turn out just as she suspects?


Connected by the Sea was a sweet romance that landed in the okay zone for me. I was initially excited with the setting being in my home state of Hawai'i but it didn't really connect with me. I guess, what I'm trying to say here is that I had hoped that there was going to be more of a Hawai'i twist other than the story just claiming to be in Hawai'i and the main character having a thing for Marine biology.

It more so just featured on perfect student Sydney being the object of affection for best friend, Henry, and falling for bad boy, Coen.

Sydney, initially blind to Henry's more than friend want, becomes torn with not wanting to hurt Henry's feelings while knowing that her decision could lose him altogether.

This, as you can see, puts a damper on her growing relationship with Coen as he does not want to be in the shadows like some dirty secret.

How will it all turn out for these lovers?

SO, MY VERDICT?: Over all, a story with potential but I hope for more exposure on Hawai'i entwined with the plot and for the main protagonist, Sydney, to stop being so noble and be more assertive. She kind of drove me nuts while trying to appease others while we all knew she wanted Coen.

That said, can't wait for book two! :)

*I was graciously given a copy of this ARC by this author for an honest review. Thank you very much!*

My Rating:
-Overall : 7
-Plot : 7
-Writing : 7
-Characters : 7
-Cover : 8

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