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Blog Tour Stop!- Hemphill Towers by Leona Pence

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Title:  Hemphill Towers
Author:  Leona Pence
Publication Date: October 25th 2013 by MuseItUp Publishing (first published October 23rd 2013)
Goodreads URL: HERE
Plot:   Riley Saunders has her dream job. As an art director at a leading advertising agency, she works every day with her two best friends, Stella and Birdie. All three have been assigned to ensure that the Grand Opening of the Peterson Art Museum is nothing short of a success.

When a girl’s night out at a hot new Italian restaurant ends with a spilled bottle of wine, it sets in motion a series of events that leaves Stella and Birdie caught up in whirlwind romances, and Riley fearing for her life at the hands of a deranged stalker. But, when the handsome museum curator, Trent Peterson, learns of her situation, he vows to keep her safe.

In a quick-paced tale of fine art, wine forgery, and the Russian Mafia, Riley and her friends soon discover their pursuit of love will require them to expose a crime, thwart a murder, and trust the one thing that has never failed them…their friendship.


A little later, Stella put down her fork unable to eat another bite. She was
listening to JB tell Federico a story about his latest fishing trip. JB raised his arm in
a mock casting of a line, and in doing so, hit the wine bottle with his arm causing it
to strike Stella's full glass. The contents of both poured all over the front of her

Stella gasped when the chilled liquid came in contact with her body, soaking
through her white blouse and bra. JB jumped up, grabbed a cloth napkin and began
dabbing at the rapidly spreading red stain. Then the inevitable happened. First one
button then another popped from her blouse and landed in the middle of the table.
JB stood dumbfounded, staring at the lacy exposed bra. Stella snatched the
napkin from his hand and covered herself. Her face was much redder than the
spilled wine. Riley could no longer contain her laughter and was soon joined by
Birdie. Stella looked at them and then at the stricken face of JB Edwards; she
began to laugh herself. Tears ran down their cheeks. JB sat back down, relieved

there would be no repercussions from his gaffe.


Hemphill Towers really took me surprise. I honestly wasn’t expecting much since this is an unknown author to me but I decided to take a chance on her anyway since her book was offered to me free by participating on her blog tour. And boy was I glad I took it!!

This book kept me actively interested and engaged. I didn’t know that a book of unfamiliarity could take me from left field and captivate me so thoroughly!

From a one-sided romance whirl winding into a passionate romance fulfilled intrigue, suspense, and a thrill of danger. This book has it all!

I really liked the set up of the characters and couplings that Leona has set for us and how they mesh so well with one another and have such great camaraderie!

From just a spilled glass of wine, this sets in action a shuffle of events and romances that have the characters clinging together to stay alive and solve the mysteries have them on the run from crime, forgery, the Russian mafia, and even a deranged stalker!

A very well written story that I highly recommend! I definitely will be on the lookout for more from this author for sure!!

*A free copy of this book was provided to me by Reading Addiction Blog Tours for an honest review.*

My Rating:

-Overall : 9
-Plot : 8.5
-Writing : 8.5-9
-Characters : 8.5
-Cover : 8

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  1. I've read Leona's book also. I agree with everything you say. It is a great read.