Saturday, March 30, 2013

BOOK REVIEW...Sapphire A Werewolf Love Story by Devyn Dawson

Sapphire didn't want to go out, but after some coaxing from her sister, she agreed to go. It was that night, and the days to come that would awaken her sexual desire and her heart.

Parker had never had a girl hold his gaze... most everyone wouldn't dare challenge him that way. She wasn't one of his kind though, she was human and against the rules. He knew her spirit was calling out to his wolf. His wolf was more than ready to answer that call. She was the one... he would kill for her, he would die for her, but would he disobey his alpha for her?

This book is about two adult characters in The Legacy of Kilkenny YA series. 

17+ Due to Sexual Situations and Explicit language this book is recommended for adults 17 and over. Adult Contemporary - New Adult Fiction
Published March 25th 2013

This book turned out to be such a disappointment and waste of time.  The story line was weak and the characters were unrealistic.

Normally, I would be over the moon reading a YA/PR story involving werewolves but this one was painful to read.  The grammar and tense of the story was horrendous and sometimes I wanted to strangle the characters.

What made this book "appealing" IF ANYTHING was the cover. Ugh.  I want my hour and a half back and somebody to have warned me to stay clear of this meaningless read. :(

My Rating:

-Overall : 3
-Plot : 3
-Writing : 1
-Characters : 3
-Cover : 9

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