Friday, March 29, 2013

BOOK REVIEW...Inked Ever After (Bowen, #2.5) by Elle Aycart

Tattooed bad boy James Bowen is about to marry the love of his life. Everything would be perfect if it wasn't for the tiny detail that his bride-to-be is freaking out big time. And trying to hide it from him.

Tate Cooper is losing it. She loves James with all her heart and wants to be married to him; it's the getting married that's killing her. Still grieving the loss of her father and brother,and totally overwhelmed by the wedding arrangements, she's in full emotional meltdown. But James deserves a happy bride, not a high-maintenance, sorrow-filled, guilt-stricken one, and, by God, she's going to give him that, even if she has to paste on a smile and fake it till she makes it.

James doesn't know whether to be amused or pissed. He understands she's running scared, but there is no way in hell he's going to allow this to continue; he's going to push her to confront her fears until she happily embraces their ever after.
Published March 26th 2013 by Loose Id LLC

Tate + James = Most perfect couple EVER. Period.

I really appreciated how James always put Tate first.  He understood her pains and insecurities and did whatever it took to make things work.  I also appreciated when he called her out on her sh&* and told her when something's up.  Only a true person who loves and cares for you would do that.

In this book, Tate is still struggling with the loss of her father and brother.  She also goes through times where she feels inadequate for James and that he could do so much better than her BUT that's not enough to discourage or deter the ever persistent James from claiming his woman at the alter!

What I also liked:
Elle and Jack's banter. Too funny! Lol
Also hoping that maybe a Max and Emma [Jonah, Tate's deceased brother's gf] can possibly get together.

The one con this book had:
The ending was totally rushed!!  The wedding and the pacing was pretty abrupt that I was quite disappointed. Bummer.

If Ms. Aycart does continue this series I'm SO ON BOARD toward reading the other characters' love stories!  At least I'm really hoping she will!  :D

My Rating:

-Overall : 10
-Plot : 8
-Writing : 8.5
-Characters : 8
-Cover : 9

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