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Review- A Bedtime Story (The BTS Trilogy, #1) by L.C. Moon

Title:  A Bedtime Story (The BTS Trilogy, #1)   
Author:  L.C. Moon
Publication Date: December 10th 2014 by D. A. D. inc Publishing

Plot:   Laura Spencer. Young, pretty, introverted. She worked at a local deli, where she left more broken plates than collected tips. Apologizing to aggravated waiters and cowering from overfriendly male clients made up most of her social interaction. The only friends she had lived inside the pages of books or on movie screens, offering slim comfort during the long, dark nights of her lonely life. Every two weeks, a postcard was delivered through her mail. She lived for those deliveries.

Peter Spencer. Her brother, her lifelong protector and her only family. The only one who truly knew her, who would sacrifice it all for her. Peter made a bad decision, involving the worst kind of people.

Kayne Malkin. Tall, dark and handsome. He belonged to the Organization, the Quebec fraction of a ruthless Russian Mafia. He was known for many things. He killed and tortured for a living. He seduced and destroyed for pleasure. But above all else, he built his reputation on one trait only. Kayne Malkin never lied. Not to the men he interrogated, not to the women he set his sights on. He got what he wanted, while staring them in the eye. Honest and remorseless. Kayne Malkin’s assignment: The Peter Spencer case.

On the first warm spring night, while Montreal celebrated the passing of winter, Laura reluctantly accepted to accompany a coworker out on the town. Kayne smirked by himself seeing her arrive, all dolled up, looking uncomfortable. Lurking in the shadows, he patiently waited. The trap was set.

WARNING: Contains explicit sexual content and dubious consent. Read at your own discretion.

 My Review 

☆ I received an RC via the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!! ☆

**A Note to readers: For those of you who’s hard limits include: **cheating** and a **non-happily ever after** then this book may not be for you. :)

So, with that said…

The story in short: To sum everything up in a jiffy---The heroine’s dimwit brother messes up, BIG TIME, with the Russian mafia no less….and in comes, our male anti-heroine to collect his debt with the heroine. From there, you could say, “the rest is history” as Kayne Malkin is literally a wolf luring the poor little lamb Laura into his world, and from then on-- their worlds are forever changed with: love, lust, debt, ploys, blood, vengeance, and sacrifice.


My thoughts:
A Bedtime Story was quite the baffling read if you ask me. It went in a totally different direction from what I had expected.

When I think of the literal impressions of what comes to mind of the title, A Bedtime Story, I picture a story that albeit rough and imperfect throughout—to being one full of surprises and happy endings with a pretty bow on top.

This is the complete opposite of what happens in this particular bedtime story.

Here, Laura-- the female protagonist’s, character development and evolution utterly shocked and surprised me. I get that in reads where it deals with the mafia, it's going to be intensely dark, gritty, and ruthless…but, I guess from my stand point, I didn’t expect Laura’s personality to alter drastically from that innocent, quiet girl to eventually becoming hardened and cunning.

Granted, it's only natural that she would be forced to to assimilate with Kayne’s world, so it would naturally change her a bit. It's just that, her character was just scandalous that it startled me a bit.

(++)Now add in Kayne, the ever enigmatic and mysterious one, to which I just did not know what to really expect from him or what to happen next...and you've got yourself a story!!

Definitely kept me on my toes with the thrill and suspense!!

My conclusion?:
A good read that perplexed me....kept me intrigued and wanting some more… AND! at times pissed me off like no other because it touched on some of my hard limits….

But over all, I liked it in my own way. Can't wait for bk2!! Gawd, I soooo need it!! I feel so unsettled by that ending!! Aahhh!!

My Rating:
 About the Author 

L. C. Moon is a graduate of Concordia University. She lives in Montreal with her husband, black Labrador, and Calico cat.

She has written several poems and a few short stories. A Bedtime Story is her first novel. As with all her other works, it touches on themes such as forbidden fantasy, duality and inner struggle.

A Bedtime Story is intended as the first installment of the BTS trilogy.

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