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ARC Review- Forbidden Heat (Forbidden #2) by R.L. Kenderson

Title:  Forbidden Heat (Forbidden #2)  
Author:  R.L. Kenderson
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publication Date:  December 16th 2014 by R.L. Kenderson

Plot:  Payton Llewelyn, daughter to the cat-shifter alpha, wakes up with a throbbing head and a bullet wound to the hip. Recalling the events that led her there, the scent of a shifter permeates her senses—not that of a cat though, but of a wolf. 

Damien Lowell, future pack leader of the wolf-shifters, has found himself in an impossible situation. Cat-shifters and wolf-shifters aren’t friends, and what Payton doesn’t know is that his father is behind her attack. He only meant to prevent her from being kidnapped, and he now has the wounded princess of the cat-shifters in his custody.

But when the heat becomes too much to handle, Damien and Payton must choose whether to follow their instincts or question the forbidden.

 My Review 

☆ I received an ARC via the authors in exchange for an honest review. Thank you! ☆


Forbidden Heat followed cat shifter Vaughn from bk1’s sister, Payton, and her exiled wolf shifter savior, Damien.

Their love was like a Romeo and Juliet, with the whole star crossed lovers theme going on, as Payton (a.k.a Juliet), is the only daughter of the cat alpha. And Damien (a.k.a Romeo) is the only surviving son of the wolf alpha.

Hence—the birth of our shifter "Romeo&Juliet couple," seeing that cat and wolf shifters don’t get along and not for the “normal” presumptuous reasons you’d like to think.

Will Payton and Damien’s conflicting clans ever mend bad blood and find a way to call it a truce? Will they come together to find out the true mastermind behind all of the kidnappings and get to the bottom of their tumultuous scheming?

Will “Damton’s” love ever be considered acceptable to their kin and family and triumph over all opposition? And what will happen once Payton’s mating heat comes into play, and the “heat” becomes too hot for either of them to handle? Are they truly meant to be? Or will their sizzling relationship go down in disastrous flames?

Read and you will find out!

#A great story filled with forbidden romance, betrayals, family loyalties, uprisings and new alliances; as well as, rekindling what was broken, rising up to challenges, and fighting to take your rightful place!

As for my future thoughts and feelings-
 Originally, I thought I was dying for SawyerXKenzie’s story, but right now I am starving for more Zane and Isabelle!! Holy sex on wheels that couple! And let’s not forget Dante and Phoenix, now that Phoenix has been *sorry no spoiler!*. Gosh, so much more new developments to look forward to! I can’t wait!! ~*squeals*~

Great job, Renae and Lara! And thank you for once again allowing me to read and receive an ARC copy of your work!!♡♥


My Rating:
-Overall : 8.75
-Plot : 8.75
-Writing : 8.75
-Characters : 8.75
-Cover : 8.5
 About the Authors 

Purple large

R.L. Kenderson is two best friends writing under one name. Renae wrote her first poem in third grade and learned she might have a knack for this writing thing, while Lara remembers sneaking her grandmother’s Harlequin novels when she was probably too young to be reading them and always knew she wanted to write her own.

When they met in college, they bonded over their love of reading and the TV show Charmed. What really spiced up their friendship was when Lara introduced Renae to romance novels, and when they discovered their first vampire romance they knew there would always be a special place in their hearts for paranormal romance. After being unable to find certains storylines and characteristics they wanted to read about in the hundreds of books they consumed, they decided to write their own.

They both live in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area where they’re a sonographer/stay-at-home mom and pharmacist by day and sexy author by night.
You can email them at

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