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ARC Review- Slammed by Skyla Madi

Title:  Slammed 
Author:  Skyla Madi
Publication Date:  December 2nd 2014 (first published December 2014)

Plot:  Once upon a time, Selena Graham met a boy named Jackson Quinn… 

This isn’t your typical fairytale, no. This one is twisted and the role of prince charming is filled by one man too set in his ways, haunted by the demons of his past. 

Jackson wants to live his life free of the tribulations the woman in his past put him through and nothing makes you appreciate what you have quite like the reappearance of someone you thought was long gone.

Selena knows he’s too much for her, but he’s the only person besides her best friend who accepts her for who she really is—out of control and desperate for attention. She knows she deserves more, but how can she quit the one thing that makes her feel accepted?

While both struggle to find balance, can Jackson keep his past where it belongs? Can Selena hold on long enough for Jackson to realize what’s good for him? And can he relinquish control and finally let love take over?

 My Review 

☆ I received an ARC via the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you SO MUCH Skyla!! ☆

#Woah, talk about unexpected! Author Skyla Madi definitely set the tone for this dramatic spin off from the Consumed Series as she really threw me through quite a spin!

Slammed was a whole lot of baffling for me. I just did not expect for things to go down the way it did whatsoever.

I always knew that there was something weighing on this couple but, man, was this story not what I expected at all!

It was fiery, it was explosive, but most of all it was riveting, unfiltered, and plagued with mystery and shattering suspense and revelations that threaten to tear everything apart.

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Jackson and Selena are quite the enigmatic couple and have their work seriously cut out for them-- both as individuals and as a couple. Each have so many stakes going for and against them that it's hard to tell where the next step of their relationship is going to lead. Anyone's guess is as good as mine.


NOT TO MENTION, with the unprecedented unforeseen twists, turns, and arrival of a disgruntled third party that presages to disembowel and consume all that Jackson and Selena have worked for, it is quite questionable where the end game is starting to look for this troubled duo.

Can Jackson confront his tumultuous past? Can Selena find the stability and acceptance she so desperately craves and be the pillar that Jackson needs to pit him out of his unrelenting darkness?


Will this couple be able to let go of the past before they can move on to their future? Or was their love destined to fail after all?

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My Rating:
-Overall : 8.75
-Plot : 8.75
-Writing : 8.75
-Characters : 8
-Cover : 8.5
 About the Author 

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…and my teachers said daydreaming wouldn’t get me through life.

I’ve been writing since 17 and at 21 I’m a professional daydreamer and giver of both real and fictional life.

Aquarian, lover of the written word and author of the #1 BESTSELLING sports fiction novels Consumed and Too Consumed.

I write like I live my life — fast and carefree — and I have no specific genre. I hop from YA to NA to Erotica to Contemporary romance almost as often as I change shoes.

I have written 6 novels with 26 novels still planned out, they’re just waiting for me to pick up my pen and write their story.

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