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Review- Her Guardians (Her Guardians Trilogy #1) by Jaimie Roberts

Title:  Her Guardians (Her Guardians Trilogy #1)
Author:  Jaimie Roberts
Publication Date:  August 31st 2014

Plot:  Cassie Johnson has a very unique gift. She can see the past, present, and future of people when she touches their hands. It is a gift she has had to deal with her whole life, and she has seen things she wished she hadn’t.

Because she already knows what her dates are thinking and feeling, what they’ve done in the past, what their near future holds, relationships are difficult to come by. It is something that would put anyone off.

She does like someone, though—very much. His name is Michael and he’s a police officer at the station where she works. The problem? He doesn’t bat an eyelid at her. In fact, she would go as far as saying that he hates her.

However, when a new officer, Stephen, joins the force and seems to sweep Cassie off her feet, all that changes. For some reason, she cannot read him, and he quickly becomes a mystery that she needs to solve. Michael, on the other hand, doesn’t like it one bit and, pretty soon, jealousy rears its ugly head, leaving Cassie confused and frustrated.

Later, Cassie learns a nasty secret, resulting in a shocking revelation regarding Michael and Stephen. Cassie soon realises that there are things beyond her world—beyond her imagination. Michael is her protector, her savior, her guardian. But can he keep her safe? Can she control her growing feelings for not only Michael, but Stephen? Can she make a choice? And will her choice result in the happily ever after she so desperately desires?

 My Review 

☆ I received an RC from the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you SO MUCH lovely!! ☆

Her Guardians held intriguing elements of surprise and mystery for me. While I did essentially know what was going on and taking place during the premise of the story, Cassie’s struggles with understanding her gifts (or “curse” as she likes to put it) and her cautious nature around others brought a humanistic and ethereal quality to the plot line that made her character seem genuine and “real.” It was just that convincing really.

I was highly enthralled with her as well as a lot of the other characters throughout and found the execution and motivations behind their thoughts/actions/words quite poignant and enigmatic to the point where it made me question and want even more.-- What will become of Cassie? Will she come to terms and hone in her unique abilities to see the past, present, and future? Who is this dangerous entity that is trying to destroy her and what do they want? Will it expose her secret to the world? And which angel protector, sent in the form of two brothers, will ultimately win her heart? Michael or Stephen?

Hmmmm, the woes of being different and wanted the powers of good and evil! ;)

Anyway, I will be definitely holding out as to how everything pans out as the stakes have considerably risen and the tensions just about begun to scratch the surface! I was literally at loss for words with the way that the author ended it! Gah!!

~~And FYI: I am on #TEAMSTEPHEN. For now at least. Sorry Michael fans! May the best angel win! ♥ 

My Rating:
-Overall : 8
-Plot : 8
-Writing : 8
-Characters : 8
-Cover : 8
 About the Author 

Author of the Take series, Until I Met You, Her Guardians trilogy and DEVIANT.

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