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BOOK REVIEW#- Falling Star (Beautiful Chaos, #2) by Arianne Richmonde

Title:  Falling Star (Beautiful Chaos, #2)  
Author:  Arianne Richmonde
Publication Date:  July 27th 2014 by Mighty Publications

Plot:  Falling Star is book two in the Beautiful Chaos Trilogy. (You'll need to read Shooting Star first).

"Holy hotness. Move over Gideon and Eva. The shower scene in Falling Star is the sexiest I've ever read" - Hot Heroes Books.

“I am speechless after reading this. Once I started I could not put this down; I loved every single second of this book” - Sammie’s Book Blog.

"The twists and turns in this book make for an addictive, page-turning sequel. Not to mention the sexual chemistry which jumps off the page." - Jackie's Favorite Reads

Sex-addict Jake is stunned after hearing Star’s shocking secret—she’s not who he thought she was—and he now wants to keep her at a distance, afraid of hurting her. But the more he ignores Star, the keener she is for his attention. And with the beautiful young actress being forced by her contract to live in Jake's house, neither can get away from each other.

But the arrival of a third party changes the game. And when Star doesn’t come home, or to the set the next day . . .

Jake knows he could have lost her for good.

Part 3, Shining Star will be released at the end of August.

 My Review 

☆ I was gifted a copy by the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you hun!! ☆


Well hell...That was quite unexpected and quite the game changer!! My panties sure are tingling!


“My mind was in turmoil—a sort of beautiful chaos—floating, dreaming, transcending earthly reality, but my physical body was giving away. I wanted to control myself, but I just wasn't sure if I could hold out any longer. I felt as if I was falling...”

Falling Star takes place right after its predecessor, Shooting Star, where Jake learns about Star's startling revelation.

From there, he begins to pull away from Star (much to her chagrin), in attempt to protect her from himself, but ends up backfiring and perhaps making the biggest mistake of his entire life.

Now, another suitor has come to capture Star's heart and right away Jake's greatest fear may have come true: he may have lost Star forever...

What will become of Jake and Star? Will their stunted romance ever bloom? And with this new thorn in Jake's side coming about, will Jake overcome his insecurities and win the girl of his dreams?

After all, you know what they say: “Distance makes the heart grow fonder” and Jake is sure in for the fight of his life. Not to mention, Star has some hard decisions to make.

#A spellbinding, addictive read that I could not put down due to all of the sexual tension and uncertainty between Jake and Star; as well as Star's new possible love interest, and all of the unpredictable twists that Arianne Richmonde interweaves!! It nearly made my mind want to combust with all of the suspense!!

I will definitely be holding out for Shining Star, the third and last of this book trilogy to see where the cards will lie for Jake, Star, and this admirer of Star's (*sorry! I'm not divulging who this home-wrecking third party's name is*). Until then, great job Arianne!! I can't wait to see what happens next!!


My Rating:
-Overall : 9.5
-Plot : 8.75
-Writing : 8.75
-Characters : 8.75
-Cover : 8.75
 About the Author 

Arianne Richmonde is an American writer and artist who spent her formative years in both  Britain and the US. She has also lived in Spain and France.

She has traveled to many corners of the globe and meeting people from all walks of life and different countries is a passion of hers. She speaks fluent Spanish and French and presently lives in France with her husband and coterie of animals.

She is thrilled by the huge success she has had with her bestselling novels in The Pearl Series: Shades of Pearl, Shadows of Pearl, Shimmers of Pearl, Pearl and Belle Pearl. Shades of Pearl is a USA TODAY bestseller.

She has recently released her suspense novel, Stolen Grace, which is already an Amazon bestseller.

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