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Blog Tour Review- Bennett (On the Line, #2) by Brenda Rothert

Title: Bennett (On the Line, #2) 
Author: Brenda Rothert
Publication Date: March 15th 2016 by Silver Sky Publishing, Inc.
Plot:  Bennett Morse devotes his time to chasing two things: an NHL career and women. He’s the easygoing member of his three-man line on the Fenway Flyers, content to play the game he loves and soak up the female attention it brings – as long as it’s from a different woman each time. He learned the hard way that choosing only one leads to heartache.

Newly single attorney Charlotte Holloway finds just what she needs in Bennett – a sweet, sexy man to ease the burn of her recent breakup. One night is all she wants from the left winger who seems to have all the right moves. Soon circumstance draws her back to Bennett, and the sparks between them become a fiery blaze. But with the stakes high, will they risk it all and put their hearts on the line? 

 My Review 

☆ I received an ARC via Inkslinger PR in exchange for an honest review. Thank you! ! ☆

I liked this one a whole lot better than Killian's read.  Not that I disliked or had anything against Killian.

Bennett, whom is a team mate of Killian's, story takes place during the same parallel timeline asKillian . Those of you who have not read bk1, I highly suggest you read it although this one is very easy to read without prior knowledge to its predecessor.

So Bennett. Man, he is definitely book boyfriend material. Not only was he NOT a manwhore extraordinaire...Bennett was kind, understanding, had a heart of gold, and was a complete sex god. He certainly has a stomach for hardheaded individuals~~ what with his best friend being stubborn as they come, and said bestie's little sis, Charlotte, whom Bennett unknowingly sets his sight upon.

I won't give more of the story line out, because it would spoil pretty much one of the, if not the biggest, drives of the entire plot and gamechanger between Charlotte and Bennett.

Between the two, Charlotte was kind of the take charge fiery one but with major trust and commitment issues. Sometimes, as I reader, I felt she was a tad hot and cold towards Bennett and I wanted to shake her. But over all, I dig understand where her deep rooted issues lay and why she was so hard on herself and wanted to make sure that she was self-sufficient.

And Bennett, he was the nurturing and one with his heart on his sleeve. He's been a hard life himself, but, don't underestimate Bennett. When trifled with or faced against oppression, he will come back swinging and be there to protect what's his. I loved him wholeheartedly and rooted for him on his quest to win over Charlotte and make it into the NFL!!

A wonderful read, which, I hope will pave way to perhaps Liam's story next!! I can't wait!!
My Rating:
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 About the Author 

Brenda Rothert lives in Central Illinois with her husband and three sons. She was a daily print journalist for nine years, during which time she enjoyed writing a wide range of stories.
These days Brenda writes New Adult Romance in the Contemporary and Dystopian genres. She loves to hear from readers by email at

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