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Release Blitz & ARC Review!!- My Black Hole Heart (Colour, #3) by A.Giannoccaro

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Title:  My Black Hole Heart (Colour, #3)
Author: A.Giannoccaro
Genre: Dark Romance
Publication Date: January 21st 2016
Plot:  Three Crime Families
One Legacy
One Little Girl

Avery Spillane-Leahy the daughter of two killers, the criminal prodigy of the biggest kingpin in modern time. She is flawless, but only on the outside.

Loss, love and lust can crack even the toughest diamonds.

Inside she is a gaping hole, nothing that gets close is safe from her ruthless blade. She cares for no one, so that no one can wound her. She learned from what Rowan and Callum lost and became an empty vessel unable to be harmed by emotion.

One scorned brother, an old flame and an angel of death dare to come into her world. They will all leave again, some of them in coffins, but they will all go.

The question is what will be left of her?

When the Colours fade and the Grey Madness is gone she is left all alone, a Black Hole Heart with nothing left to lose.

“The root of all suffering is attachment.”
Cover Design by: Pink Ink Designs
Photography by: Kelly Douglas
Model: Ciara Giannoccaro

 My Review 

☆ I received an ARC via LBTS PR in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!! ☆

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Definitely an out of the box read. My Black Hole Heart lived up to its dark, no hold barred, gritty nature, and was pretty brutal and alarming-- the way the characters talked about the need for blood spillage, murder, rape, and other ruthless themes.

I should warn you readers that this book is not for everyone. The first paragraph alone, I kept asking myself, “what did I get myself into?” and as things progressed, it kept diving into unseen twists and turns I did not see coming.

Then again, if you’re already familiar with this series, to which I am not, this should probably be nothing new to you. For me, going into this blind, and not being aware that this is the third book in the Colour Series, I couldn’t help but feel that I was missing something or maybe some concepts and info from the previous two books. I mean, you can indeed read this alone and be completely fine, but I really adhere against it. ReadColour My Ugly and Monochrome My Madness first. I think you’ll get the full experience, whereas, I felt I got halve of it.

That’s not saying that I felt it took away from my enjoyment of MBHH. It didn’t. I would say to those reading this, to prepare themselves. It’s certainly a controversial read with an anti-heroine who’s literally a blank slate of emotion and is a cold blooded assassin draped in sheep’s clothing. For reals. She’s as beautiful as she is deadly. Kind of reminded me of a black widow. Haha.

I won’t divulge anything about the plot or characters, but, in the realm where crime is golden, lies and deceit are a must, and love and passion mean sudden death… One woman holds the key to the fate and destruction of a family legacy comprised in blood, chaos, and savagery.

Brace yourselves, ladies and gents!!
My Rating:

I am a killer. I have been since I was fifteen. My young girl hands curled around the handle of a knife as I filleted a man, his screams are etched into my mind forever. Sticky blood coated my fingers with every slice I made through his flesh. I knew long before that what life had in wait for me, so I never tried to change it. I was born a killer. I didn't choose it, it chose me. I have a black hole heart that beats nothing but the blood of others. 

The saying goes - it takes a village to raise a child. My village was not pretty, they are dark dangerous and deadly. My father Rowan is an assassin. My mother was a murderer too. Both were born from murderous fathers. The other people in the village that raised me are just as bad. Callum, my uncle of sorts, is the kingpin of a criminal empire. He sells drugs, diamonds, weapons, people and death. There are others, none of them are anything other than evil. I am the heir to my father's murder mill, to Callum's empire and to this black hole heart that is filled with emptiness. My village is fucked up.

As a result, so am I. Nurture versus nature. My nature is screaming out for something else. I was nurtured to be a killing machine, the queen of a villainous empire and a ghost without a heart. I was nurtured into a beautiful monster, the Hummingbird. Now there's a fracture in my nature and I don't know what to do with it. I'm feeling things I have no right to feel. 

 The Colour Series 

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 About the Author 

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Author of the Colour series, a dark romance.

“Our skin is clothing enough to cover what we hide inside.”

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