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Blog Tour Review- Making it Right by Margaret Madigan, Merissa McCain

Title:  Making it Right
Author: Margaret Madigan, Merissa McCain
Publication Date: November 20th 2015 by M&M Publishing
Plot: Adrenaline junkie Nina Osborne never misses a hockey game or an MMA fight on TV. After the storage facility she owns is burglarized, one of her favorite MMA fighters, Drew “Juggernaut” Warner, shows up furious and blames her for his stuff getting stolen. When Drew returns to apologize and clean up his storage unit, Nina parlays it into a first date and burgeoning relationship, which comes with an introduction to the exhilarating world of live MMA.

Drew has no idea when he brings smart, sassy, and super-sexy Nina into his life that she’ll rock the foundations of his carefully planned-out career. But when she decides that law enforcement isn't doing enough to solve the burglary and takes the investigation into her own hands, protecting her jeopardizes his career. The smart thing to do would be to leave her be. Problem is, while he wasn’t looking Nina took a firm grip on his heart.

Nina’s determined to make things right; however, her investigating leads to big trouble, forcing Drew to fight both inside the cage and out if he and Nina are to have any hope of a future together. 
 My Review 

☆ I received an ARC via The Book Garden PR in exchange for an honest review. Thank you! ☆

Having never heard of these authors before, my interest first got piqued by the gorgeous cover and the synopsis blurb about a MMA fighter.

Luckily though, for a novel written by two authors, everything flowed and felt as if voiced by one.

Making it Right was about love, second chances, and redemption.

Drew "The Juggernaut" Warner is an up and coming MMA fighter, looking to redeem his surmountable loss and win a championship, while also planning a future after fighting.

Nina Osbourne, on the other hand, is a feisty and forthright blonde firecracker, who is at a standstill in her career and in life, and works at a storage facility company once owned by her grandmother to keep her gran's legacy alive.

Both main leads meet after Drew's late mom's possessions are burglarized and are thrown into a conspiracy when trying to uncover the culprits, while confronting a simmering attraction budding between the two of them.

And when Nina's life is threatened, can they unfold the mystery behind the robbery, while keeping alive?

Will Drew ever win his chance to quench a MMA championship?

And will he and Nina ever rectify pangs of their pasts to pave way for a future? Together?

A great book collaboration between Margaret Madigan && Merissa McCain. I loved the slow building romance and rapport between Nina and Drew and how mature and level headed Drew was and how virtuous Nina was.

Both were wonderful leads, even if poor Drew did get put into quite a pickle at times, with Nina always diving head first into situations without thinking about how dangerous it was. *poor guy. what did he get himself into? lol*

All in all, an impressive read!!

My Rating:
About the Authors 


Margaret writes romance and science fiction, and lives in the vast Northern Plains where it’s quiet and mostly empty, and a good place to let her imagination run wild.

Things she likes: the Oregon Ducks, donuts, cats.

When she's not writing you’ll find her in a college classroom teaching English, or working as a literary agent for an amazing agency…and of course wrangling her family.

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I love to read, I love to write, I love coffee. Almost every author says this about themselves because these things are often so central to what we do, and what keeps us awake to get it done. But reading that description a few dozen times doesn’t give you much insight to who your author is, not really. All the good stuff comes from where they’ve been, where they’re going, where they want to go and how they want to get here.

So, here are a few things beyond the generic, things that shape who I am.

I grew up in Africa. We didn’t have electricity beyond a limited gasoline generator most of my childhood and didn’t have a television until I was 16. So, I filled all that extra time with reading, and scribbling down my own stories.

I’ve now lived in the deep south of the USA longer than I’ve lived in Africa. I travel back and forth at least once a year, and I’ve felt for a very long time like I straddle worlds. Like I fit both places, but I don’t fully belong in either. Maybe that's why my characters are often trying to decide where they fit in the context of others. Why part of their happily ever after is finding a place that claims them, a place where they fully belong.

Although I love Romance, I have a very analytical mind. Things have to add up and make sense to me or I pick them apart. This is great when you’re plotting or practicing law. It is not so great when you try to explain to someone you love that their feelings don’t make sense. (Trust me on this.) But it does work with fiction. Because in fiction, everything has to make sense.

When I’m not writing I practice law. I started out as a misdemeanor prosecutor, moved up to felony prosecution and now do international business contract negotiations and litigation. The different types of law I practiced have been invaluable to me in crafting plots, and even just for being able to read and understand a publication contract.

I love it when my readers review my work on Amazon, GoodReads,Barnes and Noble, blogs or wherever else they think of. When you gush about something I write, it doesn’t just make me happy. (Although it really, really does.) It also lets other readers know that this is a great read, and that they shouldn’t be afraid to buy it. Which again, makes me even happier. So if you enjoy something I’ve written, please leave a review for me. I’d really appreciate it.

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