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ARC Review- Blindsided (The Fighting Series #1) by T.C. Matson

Title:  Blindsided (The Fighting Series #1) 
Author: T.C. Matson
Publication Date: November 9th 2015
Plot:  Paige
He’s everything I’ve never wanted—an egotistical womanizing MMA fighter. Yes, he’s easy on the eyes with a body to die for, blue eyes to fall into, and a smile that will make your heart skip beats. His smell is intoxicating, and he’s fun to be around, but I’m not interested in being another notch in his bed post. I can’t lie and say I haven’t thought about what it would be like, I have. Unfortunately, I know a woman like me can’t make a man like him settle down.

Look at me, I’m everything she wants—a sexy MMA fighter who no one can resist. What? I can’t help they all want me. I know she fantasizes about my naked body on top of hers, who doesn’t? But she has a telltale sign—her glassy green eyes, her crimson red cheeks, and the sweat that glistens her face—she wants me. I’ve never had to chase, you know, put in effort to get the girl in bed, but she is sending me on the longest treasure hunt I’ve ever experienced. Not even my smile can make her panties drop. But somehow, somewhere in the mix of chasing her, I’ve developed feelings. This cannot be happening.

 My Review 

☆ I received an ARC via the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!! ☆


The second book debut by author TC Matson, Blindsided tells the story of Levi and Page.

Levi is a rising MMA Star Fighter and ultimate ladies man and Paige is a hardworking waitress by day and bartender by night.

Both with qualms about getting into serious relationships period, what will become of the man who’s never had to work for any female in his life and the girl who’s known nothing but womanizing, cheating men all around her?

For hotshot Levi “The Leveler” Stiles, the word, “no” is not something he’s ever been accustomed to. Especially, when it comes to the other sex. Now with the brunette beauty, with the piercing green eyes and sassy attitude dodging his advances at every turn, and spiking Levi’s increased interest in her even more, could she be his biggest game changer yet? Or his greatest downfall?

As for Paige, they say “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” Could giving into Levi be her biggest tryst into heartbreak and temptation? After all, recovering from an unfaithful ex and rooming with a playboy bestie, have given her clear warning of all that she should steer clear from? Can Levi be her knight in shining armor admist all of her uncertainties?

And with pangs of both Paige and Levi’s pasts looking to tear them apart, will they be able to forge a future when they can barely succumb to a start?

“Paige, I’m not your past. I’m trying to make you my future.”

Be ready ladies, part one of The Fighting Series is coming your way, this November 9th!!

It has everything from sexual steam, pent up tensions, a charming, dirty mouthed alpha male, and a fiery female looking to pave her own path while breaking out of the downward spiral she’s found herself in.

The one thing I will admit that I found myself on the hinges about was Paige. While I did like her humor and cleverness, sometimes, her constant fears about taking a chance on Levi kind of hindered her character for me at times to connect with. Don’t get me wrong, I understood her reluctance and all, but sometimes it was a bit much. Especially after the fact when her and Levi got together. Her doubts, her running away, and outbursts were a tad grating on the nerves at times.

Otherwise, everything else from the plot, story line, and Levi was all good and flowed fluidly well for the most part.

I’m hoping though that Blain will get his own story within the series!!
My Rating:
 About the Author 

New independent author, TC Matson, loves to let her characters voices be heard. With a head full of stories, she puts her keyboard through a beating daily. Regularly she visits the solidity of her writing cave, whether it be on the couch, at her desk, or wherever the four year old can’t reach the laptop.

She is an avid reader and is known to devour books within hours. As a romance junkie, Matson sets her sights to try to find stories that are relatable and real. She’s not a fan of vampires, fairies, or any other out of this world fiction stories. And understanding that love isn’t always instant and full of flowers…her writing mirrors it.

Matson resides in the peaceful Piedmont area of North Carolina with her husband and three boys where she stays hopped up on caffeine and chasing children. She has a relatively normal life managing her home, or as she calls it, her looney bin. Chaos is indefinite and a sense of humor is absolutely a must.

You can also find TC on Facebook at

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