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Review- Trusted by You (by You, #2) by Amy Muscat

Title:  Trusted by You (by You, #2)  
Author: Amy Muscat
Publication Date: September 7th 2015
Plot:  They say that trust is the key to any relationship.

That it’s the one thing that can make or break one.

That it’s the glue.

Blake Walker knows this better than anyone.

He lives by it.

Five years ago, the one person he thought he could rely on shattered his trust. After that he swore off relationships, turning into a womaniser. You know the wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am kind.

Until he meets Lottie Carter…

She comes storming into his life with her sass, her wit, her Britishisms that he loves, and her beauty.

But every time Lottie tries to get close, he pushes her away; scared that past events will repeat themselves.

But when Lottie finally breaks through that wall that Blake has built up like a freaking fortress, their love story is immense.

But when outside forces threaten to break them apart, can they withstand them?

Do they trust each other enough to not let them?

Or will Blake's trust issues be the one thing that will make him lose Lottie for the rest of his life?

Read and find out… 

 My Review 

★☆I received an ARC via the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!!☆★

#Yay!! Lottie and Blake’s story!!

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Lottie was still the ever snarky and no holds barred Brit that I remember. And Blake still had that charm and X-factor that would have all of the ladies crawling to be in his bed.

One qualm though, throughout all of this, was that at times Lottie was a bit over the top. Sometimes, I wished she would just take a chill pill on certain things (even though I did get her stand of view) since if I were Blake I would feel that she was a drama queen. Some of the things she did or that spewed out of her mouth, no matter how justified they were, I felt were kind of a turn off and obnoxious if I were dating her.

HOWEVER. On the bright side of things, what made her lovable was her loyalty, tenacity, protectiveness, and the ever none failing love she possessed for all of those she came to care for.

My second and last qualm or comment I would have to bring into the picture, was the verb tense usage within the entire text. In the same paragraph, there would be constant interchanging of past and present verb usage. It kind of grated on my nerves a bit. While I do understand that it is necessary in certain situations, the repetitiveness of it could endanger a reader’s reading experience. Just sayin.’

Nonetheless, I enjoyed this story. Blake had some issues, ones that ended up waltzing back into his present that he had to deal with, and Lottie was a firecracker ready to pounce if you messed with her or her loved ones.

All in all, a cute read. Kinda hoping that Hayley, Lottie’s secretary, will get a story with Callum!! I think they would be so cute together!!

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Hi! **waves like a nutter**
I'm Amy, I'm 23, I live in London, England.
I'm the bestselling author of Enticed by You.
Trusted by You is out September third 2015
Enjoy :)
Amy x

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