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BOOK REVIEW...Breakable (Contours of the Heart, #2) by Tammara Webber

Title:  Breakable (Contours of the Heart, #2)
Author:  Tammara Webber
Publication Date: May 6th 2014 by Penguin Berkley
Goodreads URL: HERE
Plot:   He was lost and alone. Then he found her.
And the future seemed more fragile than ever.

As a child, Landon Lucas Maxfield believed his life was perfect and looked forward to a future filled with promise — until tragedy tore his family apart and made him doubt everything he ever believed.

All he wanted was to leave the past behind. When he met Jacqueline Wallace, his desire to be everything she needed came so easy…

As easy as it could be for a man who learned that the soul is breakable and that everything you hoped for could be ripped away in a heartbeat.

My Review 


I'm very sorry guys, but this is what I thought of Breakable:



While I was curious about some things from his past (i.e.: like how he was before the tragedy and what exactly happened that fateful night), the constant back and forth insights from past and present were what ruined this for me. Well, that, and the very slow pacing and needless and unnecessary information from Lucas' "Landon" days that I just didn't need to know.

If anything, all I wanted to see was the who, what, when, and where he met Jacquelyn, what he was thinking throughout everything and why he did things the way he did, and perhaps some post Easy glimpses.

I DID NOT need to see him dabble in his self destruction after his mom's death. That, I already knew what happened to him as he tells Jacquelyn in Easy : he became recluse and destructive and dallied in sex, drugs, and skipping school; and it was Dr. Keller who turned him around.

Ugh, this was such a draggy read. It nearly put me to sleep SO MANY times!! I may LOVE Lucas but I did not love the execution of this book. Sorry!!



My Rating:
-Overall : 7
-Plot : 7
-Writing : 7
-Characters : 7
-Cover : 9

 About the Author 

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Author of Breakable, Easy, and the Between the Lines series.

I'm a former undergraduate academic advisor, married to my high school sweetheart, mother to three adult children and four very immature cats.

Please check my blog for book updates. If you have questions, I have an FAQ tab there, with a public email address listed for anything not covered. :)

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