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ARC Review!- Rogue Blood (The Untouchables #4) by T.A. Grey

Title:  Rogue Blood (The Untouchables #4)
Author: T.A. Grey 
Publication Date: August 16th 2016
Plot:  Beautiful heiress Julianna Greenwich has everything she desires, except the one thing she wants most—freedom. Once again Julianna finds important life decisions being made for her as her father announces she is to mate with the scarred and guarded Vasilius Blackmoore. Vile but striking, insulting but distracting, no other man has managed to arrest Julianna’s interest so. Or her temper.

Loyal to a fault, Vasilius will do anything to protect his family, even if that means mating with a woman he detests. Anxieties remain from his previous relationship which left him physically scarred on his face, and he soon finds his residual feelings of anger and mistrust aimed at the blond-haired woman with whom he’s to bond.

Vasilius figures he can mate with the maddening princess of Greenwich house and simply keep her aside—like a forgotten book schlepped away on a shelf—but the tides turn quickly as he learns his plan is never going to work because his bruid-to-be has run away. Again. This time Julianna unknowingly landed herself in the sickly hands of the most hunted being in the world—a man who calls himself a God. The deranged God wants something Julianna has and he will use all of his abilities to obtain it. For the first time in his life, Vasilius doubts his ability to protect another, and for once, he’s scared.

Suffering from a rare disorder which requires her to feed only from a fresh blood source, Julianna finds herself lost in a stupor of need around Vasilius. Raw emotions never she’s felt before blossom under his watchful, heated gaze as she places her lips to his body to take sustenance. Touching him, and in those rare moments where he responds, makes her yearn to learn all he could offer. But how does she make a man long for her when he can’t even sleep in the same room as her? Frustrated at Vasilius’ mistrust and guarded ways, Julianna struggles with her volatile spirit as the man whom she’s forced to mate leaves her wondering if they were meant to be together all along.
 My Review 

☆ I received an ARC via the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!! ☆

The fourth installment in The Untouchables series, I liked this one a whole lot better than bk3. Bk3 was an almost complete miss for me. Not gonna lie. Primarily, because it got pretty weird with those creatures added into the plot and kind of made the story feel ummm???? Strange? Awkward? Just... not up to par as the previous two books. 

As for Vasilius and Julianna's story, I felt as if author TA Grey redeemed herself with the story quality and the progression of development between the two main leads. It was gradual and satisfying. Not forced or rushed.

If you thought Lucas was previously the ultimate playboy Casanova pre-Beth, then Vasilius Blackmoore is that and more with a far more unimaginable twist. In a way, I guess you can compare Vasilius to that of the Beast of Beauty and the Beast. He's rich, sinfully handsome, good with the ladies, vain, and extremely arrogant. That is, until, one fateful day, he scorns the wrong woman and is left horribly scarred and disfigured and labeled a pariah amongst those among him and women alike.

Now, angry and bitter with his most lethal weapon gone-- his looks--- Vasilius thinks all hope is gone when he is reluctantly set to marry the spoiled, heiress and previous fiancee of his brother Dom- Julianna Greenwich.

Now Julianna. While she may seem like she has everything a girl could want, she is a prisoner trapped in her own glass tower, waiting to break free. A high-class beauty herself, Julianna has always pinned for Vasilius, but how can a gorgeous man like him who has a pick of the litter take an interest in a meager woman such as herself? There's no way. Or so she's always thought until she is betrothed to marry the dashing Blackmoore who seems to scathingly loathe her completely and their worlds are turned upside down.

Will Julianna and Vasilius be prepared for the crash collision course they're about to partake on as~~ distance, growing feelings, misunderstandings, past pen pal correlations, a rare blood condition, a powerful sorcerer at large, scandalous nude selfies, and deadly liasons that aim to hoard and/or eliminate both Vasilius and Julianna from the picture all come together full circle? Or will they crumble altogether?

I'm really impressed with how well put together this novel was and really all I can say is that I want MORE already!! I've been a fan of author TA Grey's for a while and was a little nervous with how this book was going to turn out due to my sentiments regarding bk3 but this one redeemed my hope in Ms. Grey. She can most certainly hit it out of the ball park with her ever engaging style of writing of the paranormal and capturing your attention from start to finish!! I certainly am curious about bk5, and yes, TA does give us spoilers and a sneak peak on who's story it is-- but sadly, we have to wait until 2017 for it to be released. Such a pity. However, like the old saying goes, 'all good things take time,' and I'm sure that bk6 will be no exception.

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USA TODAY Bestselling Author T. A. GREY loves to write sexy, pulse-pounding romances that will keep you up late at night.

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For a darker, erotic paranormal world rife with twisted political machinations, jealous exes, and erotic blood bonds, check out her addicting Untouchables Series where the Blackmoore men may rule the world but not the women in their lives.

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