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Pre-Release Blog Tour Review!- Juked by M.E. Carter

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Title:  Juked
Author:  M.E. Carter
Genre: Sports Romance
Publication Date: June 16th 2016
Plot: Juked: verb. 
A slang soccer term meaning: faked out, deceived, confused your opponent
See examples Daniel Zavaro and Quincy Watson:

As the rising star in Houston, Daniel has found fame as Captain of his Pro soccer team and the city’s most eligible bachelor. Daniel has everything – except someone special – and that suits him just fine. He doesn’t want, or need, complications.

Quincy has baggage, and lots of it. After a tragic accident spins her world on its axis, she finds herself as a single mother, raising a newborn nephew she never knew she had. Between parenthood, her full-time job, and dealing with the suffocating grief of losing her sister, every day is a struggle. 

When they begin to cross paths unexpectedly and often, an unlikely friendship starts to evolve. Feelings change. Lines get crossed. What happens next surprises them both...

Before they know it-- they’ve been Juked.

 My Review 

☆ I received an ARC via Enticing Journey Book Promotions in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!! ☆

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I really enjoyed this story. My first read ever from M. E. Carter and probably not my last!!

I loved the story of Daniel and Quincy. Both are far from perfect and I loved seeing them grow and develop individually and together as a couple.

Daniel is an altogether family man with relationship issues stemmed by the actions of his father and doesn't want to follow in the latter's footsteps. Hence, he shuts away from commiting to just one woman and offering empty promises.

As for Quincy. She is the epitome of a woman with the world on her shoulders and yet she is the true definitions of a strong, young woman and ultimate survivor.
Quincy hasn't lived your typical, conventional life and has had to burden the task of raising her sister and taking care of her sister's baby after her sister passes away. Now with this new curve ball thrown her way, Quincy must once again muster up the courage to take on supporting this new life while trying to piece together what's left of hers...NOT TO MENTION, juggle her new friendship and budding romance with a hot captain of the Houston Mutiny soccer team.

I really ate up this read and was awed by the spirit of Quincy. She was a fighter, and despite highs and lows, she tackled everything that came her way beautifully.

As for Daniel. I understood him and where he was coming from. Your home environment is a faucet that makes up a part of who you are. And when someone from that environment violates your trust and faith in them, it can skew your views of things and people. For Daniel, that someone was his father. However, despite the scars his father left upon him, Daniel is a stand up man that knows right from wrong and will do anything to help out family and anyone out that he cares about.

Daniel and Quincy's relationship was simply beautiful. It was beautiful. And so touching.

All of you debating on whether to pick up this read, please do so!!


My Rating:
 What Others Are Saying 

“Then we have Daniel, aaah, sweet, funny and hot as hell Daniel, if only he was real *sigh*” - Goodreads Review

“I cannot begin to tell you how much I loved this book! M.E. Carter has done is again with a fantastic sports romance…” - Goodreads Reviewer

“"Juked" is a MUST read on your 2016 summer book list!” - Goodreads Review

 About the Author 

ME Carter

“Mother, reader, storyteller - ME Carter never set out to write books. But when a friend practically forced a copy of Twilight into her hands, the love of the written word she had lost as a child was rekindled. With a story always rolling around in her head, it should come as no surprise that she finally started putting them on paper. She lives in Texas with her four children, Mary, Elizabeth, Carter and Bug, who sadly was born long after her pen name was created, and will probably need extensive therapy because of it.”

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